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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Committee

Application for:

A. Human Use (Non-Research) of Radioactive Materials (Clinical Authorized User)

1. Appropriate NRC form (completed by applicant and preceptor)

a. For uptake, dilution and excretion studies; Imaging and localization studies; sealed sources for diagnosis - Form 313A(AUD)
b. For use of unsealed byproduct material for which a written directive is required - Form 313A(AUT)
c. For manual brachytherapy sources; ophthalmic use of Sr-90; Remote afterloader units;teletherapy units; gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units - Form 313A(AUS)

B. Human Use of Radioactive Materials (Research)

See "Human Use (Non-Research) of Radioactive Materials (Clinical Authorized User)" and "IRB Protocols Requiring Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) Review". Contact the Radiation Safety Officer to discuss specific details or questions.

C. IRB Protocols Requiring Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) Review

Submission of IRB Protocols for RSC Review

D. Non-Human Use Research

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Application for the Non-Human Use of Radioactive Materials

Sample Appendix C for the Non-Human Use of Radioactive Materials Application

Application Amendment Short Form

Application for Approved Location Change

Notice to Employees (NRC-3 Form)

NRC-3 Form

Emergency Spill Procedures

Radioactive Spill Procedures

Access this information for detailed emergency procedures for radionuclides. Contact the Radiation Safety Office immediately in any case of personnel contamination, if assistance is necessary for decontamination or for additional information.

Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Orientation is a mandatory course for research and clinical laboratory personnel working with radioactive materials. You can view upcoming dates and sign-up for training here.

Dosimetry Program

Dosimetry Program Documents

Radiation Dosimeters monitor the exposure of members of the Saint Louis University Community that utilize radionuclides or machine produced radiation. Applications and Forms are available to initiate and maintain this service. Contact the Radiation Safety Technician for further information or to receive a series code if your department does not already utilize this service.

Radioactive Waste 

Radioactive Waste Packaging Instructions

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request

Survey Meters

Survey Meter Calibration Instructions

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