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Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

Policy Letter

Policy on Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

Under authority of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), is responsible for oversight of clinical and research use of radioactive materials at Saint Louis University and Saint Louis University Hospital. Some key requirements include:

Application for:

A. Human Use (Non-Research) of Radioactive Materials (Clinical Authorized User)

1. Appropriate NRC form (completed by applicant and preceptor)

a. For uptake, dilution and excretion studies; Imaging and localization studies; sealed sources for diagnosis - Form 313A(AUD)

b. For use of unsealed byproduct material for which a written directive is required - Form 313A(AUT)

c. For manual brachytherapy sources; ophthalmic use of Sr-90; Remote afterloader units;teletherapy units; gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units - Form 313A(AUS)

B. Human Use of Radioactive Materials (Research)

See "Human Use (Non-Research) of Radioactive Materials (Clinical Authorized User)" and "IRB Protocols Requiring Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) Review". Contact the Radiation Safety Officer to discuss specific details or questions.

C. IRB Protocols Requiring Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) Review

Submission of IRB Protocols for RSC Review

D. Non-Human Use Research

(If you have trouble selecting a field within the form try using the up and down arrow keys)

Application for the Non-Human Use of Radioactive Materials

Sample Appendix C for Non-Human Use of Radioactive Materials Application

Application Amendment Short Form

Application for Approved Location Change

Radiation Safety Orientation for Non-Human Use Research

All individuals (Permit Holders, faculty, technical staff, students, etc.) must attend the Saint Louis Universit Radiation Safety Orientation class and pass a written and practical exam prior to any use of radioactive materials (Click for the calendar) to see the next scheduled Orientation).


All permit holders are subject to quarterly inspections of laboratories where radioactive materials are used.

Details on the entire radiation safety program, safety procedures, and requirements are available in the Radiation Safety Manual (currently under revision - link not available).

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