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Workplace Safety/Industrial Hygiene

Outdoor Air Quality

This Environmental Protection Agency web page is devoted to outdoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality

Another excellent resource from the EPA, this one on indoor air quality highlights concerns such as asthma and particulates in the workplace.


This EPA resource focuses on the hazards and dangers of asbestos.


The Centers of Disease Control have put forth information on the dangers and ways to recognize lead poisoning.

Mold: A Brief Guide

For concerns and information on possible mold in an area, consult this brief guide for information that may help in determining the extent and danger of mold.

All University Mold issues are handled through Facilities in coordination with Risk Management.

Workplace Ergonomics

An excellent OSHA resource on workplace ergonomics.  All workplace ergonomics issues are handled by Saint Louis University Employee Health.  The office can be found and contacted at:

3665 Vista Avenue, Suite 116
St. Louis, MO 63110

Phone: 314-268-5499 extension 0
Fax: 314-268-5537

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