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2011-2012 Student Organization Policies

Table of Contents

3.1 General Standards for Student Organizations
3.2 Chartering Procedures for Student Organizations
3.3 Performance, Presentation and Speaker (Program) Policy
3.4 Registration of Programs and Events
3.5 Space Reservation
3.6 Publicity
3.7 Fund Raising

3.1 General Standards For Student Organizations

Saint Louis University firmly believes that learning takes place in a wide variety of settings and under a wide variety of circumstances. Involvement and participation in a student organization provides limitless opportunities for developing your leadership skills, and enhances campus life at SLU. In recognition of the potentially important role of student organizations in student formation and the significant contribution they can provide to the comprehensive mission of the University, Saint Louis University continues to support their growth. Learning leadership skills and learning in the area of interpersonal relationships are of great importance. Many ethical and moral decisions are encountered while running a student organization, planning an event or carrying out plans for activities. Often, the decisions made, and/or the accomplishments faced foster the skills vital for personal development and self-realization. This knowledge is of equal importance with the skills and information gained in the more typical "academic" setting.

Each organization's purposes and activities are to be consistent with the mission. Any Saint Louis University student organization shall retain its status on campus according to the following guidelines:

3.1.1 Definition. A Student organization shall be defined as a group of Saint Louis University Students joined together in the pursuit of a common purpose that is not inconsistent with the University's institutional mission and/or Catholic teaching. Student organizations are open to all Students without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by law. Fraternities and sororities may retain gender specific membership (see Section 3.1.7).

3.1.2 Chartered. Every chartered Student organization must submit a copy of its constitution (local and national), and bylaws or other satisfactory information governing its operation, to the Student Involvement Center by the end of the 2nd week of the semester. The University will accept in good faith the provisions of such constitutions and bylaws, indicating that the local organization is free to select members upon the basis of individual merit, and the membership in the local organization is not governed by restrictive clauses that deal with sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by law. In addition to submitting a copy of a constitution and bylaws, all chartered Student organizations must provide the Student Involvement Center with an accurate and up-to-date list of executive-level officers who are responsible for organization operations as well as the name of their advisor. At minimum, the name, email address, and phone number of a President/Chair, Treasurer, and advisor must be submitted. Provided the chartered Student organization submits the aforementioned items, the organization will be entitled to the following:

• The use of Saint Louis University facilities;
• The use of Student bulletin board space;
• Publicity of events and activities open to all Students on all University calendars;
• Help, advice and assistance from the Student Involvement Center personnel;
• Establish an online presence through the university;
• Apply for SGA funding;
• Have a mailbox in the Student Organization Suite or in the BSC.

3.1.3 Membership. The Saint Louis University Student membership must outnumber the non-Student membership in Student organizations, and all offices or positions, except the advisor, must be held by Students. Should a Student organization be found in conflict with University policy in the selection of its members, the group will be asked to submit evidence that action has been or is being taken to remove such restrictive membership provisions, such as a request for a waiver of the restriction from the national organization. A reasonable period of time as determined by the Student Involvement Center in consultation with the Student Government Association President may be granted to remove the restrictive provisions. Continued restriction of membership by constitutional requirements or other binding enactment contrary to University policy will result in withdrawal of the charter of the Student organization.

3.1.4 Advisor. Faculty and staff members are available to advise Student organizations. Each Student organization is required to have at least one advisor who is a full-time member of the faculty or administrative staff, whose purpose is to be a resource for the organization, to provide an educational experience for its individual members, and at the same time serve the entire University community by functioning as a University representative. Student organizations and the University administration share the goal to select advisors who will serve Student organizations well.

3.1.5 Good standing. Chartered Student organizations are expected to be respectful of the community standards that help constitute a Catholic, Jesuit community. The Student Code of Conduct must be followed at all times. Chartered Student organizations must also adhere to all policies and procedures outlined for chartered Student organizations. Only chartered Student organizations in good standing with Saint Louis University will be authorized to use University facilities or services, or be permitted to identify themselves directly or indirectly with the University name.

3.1.6 Hazing. Hazing at Saint Louis University is prohibited. Missouri state law defines hazing as a crime (RSMO Section 578.360). Any Student attending Saint Louis University, any chartered Student organization, or sorority or fraternity is prohibited from conspiring to or engaging in hazing (including any act that injures, frightens, degrades or disgraces another Student). Violation of this policy must be reported to the Office of Student Conduct for review and possible disciplinary action against the Students and/or Student organization allegedly involved.

3.1.7 Fraternities and Sororities. Through a joint sponsorship of the University and the various national and international Greek-letter organizations, a number of chapters have been established on the campus of Saint Louis University. The recruitment and selection of members, as well as each Greek-letter organization's ritual and tradition, make these organizations somewhat different from other chartered student organizations. In recognition of the extent to which the concerns and objectives of these Greek-letter organizations are reflective of the University mission, self-regulation of the recognized chapters, acting independently or through the Interfraternity and/or Panhellenic Council, will be encouraged and supported at all times. The University is committed to assisting each member chapter(s) of the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils to develop and pursue a positive intellectual, social, and spiritual atmosphere, and to meet both University standards and the standards of their national and international organization.

3.1.8 Dry Recruitment Policy. In accordance with fraternities' and sororities' inter/national bylaws that are members of the Interfraternity and/or Panhellenic Council, the presence of alcohol at any event at which potential new members are present, beginning with the first day of Welcome Week until fall recruitment is completed, is prohibited as well as spring recruitment. The consumption of alcohol by a member of a Greek organization and a potential new member in a private residence during the same period of time is also prohibited.

3.1.9 Online presence. All chartered Student organizations in good standing are entitled to an online presence provided by the University. An online presence will be defined by the Student Involvement Center and may include an Internet web page and/or use of a Google site. The University will not provide Student organizations with access to University server space for their development of organizational web sites, unless an exception is granted by the Student Involvement Center. Web sites are defined as an online presence greater than one page and/or beyond the scope of a Google site. Student organizations that wish to establish an online presence beyond what is provided by the university may not use Student fee or university funds to do so. Further, the Student Involvement Center may, at its discretion, determine the appropriate use of "" email address, "" URL aliases, and usage of SLU email lists for Student organizations.

Failure to comply with these guidelines should be immediately reported to the Student Involvement Center, Student Government Association and the Office of Student Conduct for an investigation, charter review, and due process resolution with the Student members and/or the chartered Student organization. The President of the University reserves the right to determine whether any organization proposed for charter does or does not conform to the ideals and goals of the University.

3.2 Chartering Procedures for Student Organizations
Students shall have the right to establish and elect a democratic Student government. The Student Government Association (SGA), including designated organizations that fall under its penumbra, will represent the Student body in the formulation and application of policy affecting academic and Student affairs.

3.2.1 Application For Charter To apply for charter as a recognized Student organization, the organization seeking charter will submit a copy of its constitution, as well as the constitution of any organization that may be extramurally affiliated, and a list of its current officers and organization's advisor to both the Student Involvement Center and the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations. Upon receipt of an application for charter, the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations will inform all members of SGA that an application for charter has been made and the organization will receive probationary status. The SGA Vice President for Student Organizations will distribute a copy of the organization's constitution to requesting members.

3.2.2 Approval of Charter Following the application for charter, provided that a period of 4 months has elapsed between the time of the application and the meeting at which the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations will present the constitution and current list of officers and the organization's advisor to the general assembly. An officer representing the proposed organization will be present to answer any and all questions. If one such officer is not present, the application will be automatically tabled until the following meeting of the General Assembly. Upon a second absence of such an officer, the charter will be automatically denied. An organization's approval or disapproval will be by a majority vote of the General Assembly. After an organization has been approved by SGA, the Student Involvement Center, as represented by the Director will, should s/he be opposed to granting of the charter, have 48 hours in which to file an "objection to charter." This objection must be filed with both the SGA and the organization applying for charter. If no objection is raised during this period, the organization will be immediately chartered and recognized. In the event that both the SGA and the Student Involvement Center, as represented by the Director, "object to charter," charter will be denied without recourse to appeal. Appeals Board. In the event that the SGA and the Student Involvement Center do not concur regarding the granting or revocation of a charter, the question will be referred for resolution to an appeals board composed of one faculty member and one administrator and three Students chosen by the President of the University, or designee. This board will meet and rule within a 10-day period after request for appeal has been made, and its decision will be final.

3.2.3 Review of Charter. If it is believed that a chartered Student organization has changed its purpose or method of operation, altering the essential nature of the organization as it was originally chartered, or has a purpose which has fallen outside the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the University, the Student Involvement Center, or the SGA, by majority vote, may request a "review of charter." The SGA Senate will conduct the charter review. Should the SGA find that the organization in question has essentially departed from the terms under which it was chartered, it may vote to "suspend charter," and the organization will have to reapply for recognition and charter.

3.2.4 Continuation of the Charter. To remain an "active" Student organization on the campus, with all rights and privileges outlined, each organization must provide the Student Involvement Center with an accurate and up-to-date list of executive-level officers who are responsible for organization operations as well as the name of their advisor by the end of the 2nd week of the fall semester. At minimum, the name, email address, and phone number of a President/Chair, Treasurer, and advisor must be submitted. Each organization must also register its officers with the Student Government Association each September and whenever an election is held during the academic year. Failure to comply automatically suspends the charter indefinitely until such time the organization registers its group. Student organizations should submit any changes to their constitution or bylaws and its Executive Board membership to the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations within two weeks of the change.

3.3 Performance, Presentation and Speaker (Program) Policy

3.3.1 Introduction
Saint Louis University understands that the exchange of ideas and the opportunity to critically analyze and express different viewpoints is essential to the University's mission, which emphasizes the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity. However, speech and expression are not absolute rights at a private institution and must be examined in light of both particular circumstances and the broader values and aspirations of Saint Louis University as a Catholic, Jesuit institution. While restrictions on expression must be reluctant and limited, in some situations they may be deemed appropriate.

3.3.2 Purpose This policy provides guidance for Students and recognized Student organizations who seek to sponsor a performance, presentation or speaker (hereafter, referred to as "program") at Saint Louis University, such that: (a) the freedom to pursue truth may flourish; (b) the teachings of the Catholic Church will always be respected even when examined; and, (c) the opportunity to exchange ideas will not conflict with the rights or safety of others in the Saint Louis University community, or interfere with the University's mission, traditions, responsibilities, and objectives as a Catholic, Jesuit institution of higher education. In providing guidance, this policy integrates concepts of inquiry, expression, dialogue and the exchange of ideas with an expectation of social responsibility. Saint Louis University acknowledges the distinct roles that activities "outside of the classroom" have on the University campus. To effectively accomplish the integration of these concepts, this policy and appendices outline a way of proceeding that focuses Students on both the pursuit of truth and how that pursuit is expressed.

3.3.3 Individuals Affected Target audience: Students and recognized Student organizations by Saint Louis University seeking to sponsor a campus performance, presentation or speaker. This policy excludes Student and Student organization affiliated with the Law school which has their own policy. Department oversight: The Student Involvement Center, under supervision of the Assistant Vice Presidents of Student Development, oversees this policy on behalf of Saint Louis University Other departments affected: Academic Affairs, General Counsel, Marketing and Communication, Mission and Ministry and Public Safety may be involved in the review of some program proposals. Depending on the nature of the program proposal, the review may not be limited to these areas.

3.3.4 Definitions Program: A campus performance, presentation or speaker, sponsored by Students and/or recognized Student organizations. Sponsorship: The approved hosting of a program does not imply approval or endorsement, by the sponsoring group or by Saint Louis University, of the views expressed by speakers, presenters, or others who participate Appeals: Requests to appeal decisions by the Student Involvement Center may be sent to the Vice President for Student Development (See Section 3.3.8).

3.3.5 Policy While Saint Louis University acknowledges a Student's individual right to express and explain his or her own beliefs, by virtue of its Catholic, Jesuit character, the time, place and manner of exercising speech on campus for events planned by Students and recognized Student organizations is subject to policies and procedures adopted by the University. As such, the University reserves the right to review programs proposed by Students and recognized Student organizations, including those which are funded in full or in part by University sources (e.g., Student activity fee). It also reserves the right to reject or alter programs that the University deems to be inconsistent with its values and mission. This means that a balanced program, one that would include opportunities for opposing viewpoints to be presented, may be necessary in order for controversial societal, political, moral and/or ecclesiastical topics to be addressed in a way that provides a more complete educational experience and understanding of the subject matter. Examples of programs that the University would not approve would include those deemed to encourage, celebrate or glorify hatred, violence, abusive behavior, religious intolerance, irresponsible or illicit drug and alcohol use, and the objectification of human beings. Furthermore, the University will not approve any campus program which it determines cannot be held in a safe, orderly way, in adherence to its policies and procedures, and without significant interference to other University events or normal functions. While acknowledging there may be approved programs which include critiques of Catholic teaching and/or of Saint Louis University, the University does not knowingly make available its facilities to individuals, organizations or businesses, whose activities will deride, mock or ridicule the Roman Catholic Church or the University's mission and values.

3.3.6 Procedures Students and recognized Student organizations of the University who seek to sponsor a campus program may apply to do so according to the procedures outlined below. Students must complete the Program Planning Form, available in the Student Involvement Center. Completing a Program Planning Form does not guarantee approval. Completed Program Planning Forms must be submitted to the Student Involvement Center at least twenty (20) business days prior to the proposed program. The submitted Program Planning Form will be forwarded to the Director for the Student Involvement Center or designee to initiate the program review process. The Director for the Student Involvement Center or designee will provide a written notification of any procedural questions or concerns about the program within five (5) business days of submission. Procedural questions or concerns may include, but are not limited to, clarification of issues related to Sections 2.0 and 5.0. After receiving program approval from the Student Involvement Center, Students may reserve a campus venue for the program through the Department of Event Services, located in Busch Student Center 356. Students must complete the Student Event Registration Form. Completed Student Event Registration Forms must be submitted to the Office of Event Services at least two (2) weeks prior to the anticipated program date. Event Services will provide a written notification of which University space is available for the event within three (3) business days of submission. Any notification of space availability does not guarantee approval of the Program Planning Form.

3.3.7 Additional Guidelines and Process Additional program planning guidelines and program review guidelines for the process is provided in Appendices A and B of the official Performance, Presentation, and Speaker Policy, which can be found online at the Student Involvement Center website. The guidelines are included with the Program Planning Form.

3.3.8 Appeals or recognized Student organizations of the University who seek to sponsor a campus program, may appeal a decision by the Student Involvement Center to the Vice President of Student Development. The appeal process for program proposals is as follows: A written appeal addressed to the Vice President for Student Development should include, in detail, an explanation of how the Student or recognized Student organization believes they followed the program planning guidelines or, how the program review guidelines were not followed by the Student Involvement Center The Vice President for Student Development shall contact the Student or recognized Student organization within five (5) business days of submission of the written appeal to arrange a meeting time. During the appeals meeting, the Vice President for Student Development shall gather all necessary information regarding the process. After meeting with the Student or recognized Student organization, the Vice President for Student Development shall gather all other pertinent information at his/her discretion from any other parties involved in the process. The Vice President for Student Development shall provide a written notification of his/her decision within ten (10) business days of the initial meeting with the Student or recognized Student organization.

3.4 Registration of Programs and Events
The following policies and procedures cover the registration of programs and events of Student organizations by the University. These policies and procedures supplement the general standards of good taste and etiquette that govern responsible social and educational events. Students are expected to maintain consideration for both personal and University interests in planning all activities. Those events that are registered and are thus sanctioned by the University are expected to comply with University policies and guidelines. Private behavior at functions of chartered Student organizations held off-campus without the financial support or sanction of the University are the sole responsibility of the organization and its members. Events occurring on campus may be subject to metal detector "wanding" and persons may have their personal effects searched for illegal weapons.

3.4.1 University-Sanctioned and Registered Student Events. Registration of Student-sponsored programs and events provides for coordination of the use of University facilities and provides the opportunity for publicity for sanctioned University events on the All University Activities Calendar. Use of University facilities such as Busch Student Center, academic classrooms and auditoriums, Allied Health Multipurpose Room, DuBourg Hall 157, DuBourg Grand Hall, IL Monastero and Boileau Hall as well as all mall/quad areas of campus by Student groups require registration of the event through Event Services. All Student programs and events must be scheduled with Event Services. Programs approved by the Student Involvement Center must be registered with Event Services and include: Any event advertised and open to the campus and/or the general public. Any event sponsored by a chartered student organization to which a guest speaker has been invited and which is open to the campus and/or the public. Any event using University funds or facilities at which alcoholic beverages are to be served or sold. Any event of unconfined public or traveling nature. Any event held on University mall/quad/outside areas by student organizations. Procedures for registration of student organizational meetings include: To use University premises and facilities: When details of the event have been determined, check the availability of the space desired by calling 314-977-MEET (6338). Request a Student Organizational Meeting Request form from Event Services, Busch Center 356 or at Complete the form and submit it to Event Services. If all requirements are fulfilled for the Student Organizational Meeting Request form, the student organization will receive a copy for its files.        

3.5 Space Reservation
Chartered Student organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the available facilities for meetings and activities. When adequate or appropriate space or campus facilities are not available, community facilities may be sought.

The following procedure covers the use of all University facilities, such as, but not limited to, Busch Student Center, Bauman Eberhardt Athletic Center, academic facilities, etc., by chartered Student organizations for business meetings and/or all other activities.

Use of community or off-campus facilities is the responsibility of the Students involved. While no listing of approved facilities is maintained, assistance in locating facilities may be available in the Student Involvement Center.

3.5.1 Residence hall common areas are available to Student organizations with prior approval from appropriate personnel in the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

3.5.2 When rental fees are applicable, payment must be made by interdepartmental order (IDO) or a check made payable to Saint Louis University. This payment must accompany the reservation and will be returned if the reservation is canceled.

3.5.3 After satisfactory registration and reservation of space, requests for food and beverages must be made with a representative of University Dining Services, Busch Student Center, 977-1559.

3.5.4 Particular policies governing the cancellation of facility reservations are at the discretion of the chief administrator of the particular facility and will be explained at the time the reservation is made.

3.6 Publicity
Publicity for Student-sponsored events, activities or elections is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or Student candidate. Bulletin boards are conveniently placed for the use of Students, faculty and staff. Departmental bulletin boards also are conveniently located and clearly marked for departmental use only. Posters, displays or other forms of publicity must comply with the following regulations. Additional information may be obtained from the Student Involvement Center, located in BSC 319.

3.6.1 Posters and Displays All postings including but not limited to fliers, posters, handbills, sheet signs and banners must have the approval stamp of the Student Involvement Center three (3) business days prior to posting or distribution. The permission of department personnel, when applicable, must be received before posting any material on their bulletin boards. All fliers and posters may be displayed for two weeks and must be marked with the date on which they will be removed. No group or chartered Student organization may have more than one poster at a time on a bulletin board unless the posters publicize separate events. The maximum size of any poster will be 60" in perimeter and the name of the sponsoring group must be clearly identified on the poster. In residence halls, posters and other publicity are subject to the rules and regulations of the Department of Housing and Residence Life. In order to maintain the beauty of the campus and to preserve the quality of the buildings, trees, and shrubs, there will be no posting of notices on trees, buildings, telephone poles on the campus or sidewalks. By special authorization of the Student Involvement Center and Facilities Services, posters may be displayed on the campus trash receptacles cans or by stake sign. Student organizations requesting approval to post flyers on the outdoor trash receptacles for a limited period of time (48 hours) must complete an Outdoor Posting Authorization form signed by representatives of the Student Involvement Center and Facilities Services. St. Louis City Code states that it is unlawful to stick, paint, brand, attach, hang or suspend upon any house, building, fence or wall, without the consent of the owner thereof, or upon any pole used for the purpose of carrying electrical conductors or upon any street or sidewalk, pavement or other public place, any printed, written, painted or other advertisement, bill, notice, sign or poster. tape may not be used to post materials. Posting is not permitted on woodwork, doors or bulletin board frames. Municipal, state or national campaign posters are permitted on the campus if the name of the sponsoring campus group is displayed conspicuously on the poster. Decorations are permitted, on special occasions, in the windows of the Student residences with the permission of the Department of Housing and Residence Life. In accordance with the state fire marshal's regulations, all postings within 30 inches of any light fixture must be of fireproof material. Special provisions can be made to display posters during Student Government elections or other all-campus referenda, through the Student Involvement Center and the Student Government Association. Courtesy and respect for the freedom of expression by others dictates that posters should not to be marked on, destroyed or removed. Anyone discovered defacing posters will be subject to disciplinary action through designated disciplinary channels. Violations of the above poster regulations may be referred to the Director of Student Conduct.

3.6.2 Fliers and Handbills The University reserves the right to regulate locations on campus where fliers and handbills may be distributed. Fliers and handbills must be approved by the Student Involvement Center three (3) business days prior to posting or distribution. In general, handbills, fliers or posters may not be distributed:

  1. Outside buildings where normal flow may be impeded;
  2. Inside buildings and offices, except from reserved distribution tables. Fliers and handbills may not be placed on car windshields. Sponsoring student organizations or departments must be clearly identified on the flyer or handbill. Sponsoring student organizations or departments distributing handbills or fliers are responsible for their content. These same rules also pertain to the distribution of fliers or handbills in the city of St. Louis. City ordinance prescribes that it is unlawful to place, throw or knowingly drop in or upon any street, highway, alley or public ground in the city, handbills, blotters, posters or advertising samples, or to place these or like items in or on any street, highway, alley or public grounds in the city. Permission must be secured from the mayor's office to distribute handbills to homes in St. Louis, along the streets or on any city property. Permission to place large banners (fliers, posters, etc.) in local stores must be obtained from the individual merchants.

3.6.3 Advertising and Alcohol

Publicity for events at which alcohol is to be served must not emphasize or promote the sale, distribution or consumption of alcohol, nor depict the use of alcoholic beverages. Only events that comply with state law and University policy may be advertised to the University community.

3.7 Fund Raising
To ensure the proper use of the University name in fund-raising ventures, to minimize the inconvenience of donors being called several times by various University groups and to assure proper adherence to state and municipal laws, the following policies are established.

These policies and procedures pertain to fund-raising ventures entered into by chartered Student organizations, either on or off-campus.

3.7.1 Use of University facilities for sales or solicitation for private or personal gain is prohibited by law. Types of fund-raising activities by chartered Student organizations that may be approved by the Student Involvement Center are those for which the funds raised will serve educational or public services. It should be clear that funds raised from the general University population should not be used in any way for the personal or individual gain of members of the sponsoring organization. Collection of membership dues, recruitment fees, etc., is allowed by student organizations. In general, collecting donations of money and raising funds through sales by recognized agencies and organizations within the limits of the campus must be consistent with the educational and public service responsibilities of the University, and not interfere with regular University programs.

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