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Letter from the Vice President for Student Development


Dear Students:

A new year has begun, bringing with it lots of excitement, opportunity and promise. Whether you are a new Student just beginning your experience at Saint Louis University (SLU) or a familiar face ready to take on new challenges, please accept my best wishes for a happy and productive academic year.

At SLU we are blessed with a world-class faculty and exceptional out-of-class offerings, including many resources for recreation, socializing and learning. You will find many of our programs and services detailed in this handbook. There are many Student Organizations; community service, servant leadership and service learning opportunities; residence hall experiences; health, counseling, and wellness services; campus recreation activities; a vibrant cross cultural center and academic and career support services designed to help you get the most out of your Student experience. I encourage you to take advantage of what we offer and actively seek out programs and services to help you capitalize on your great potential.

Learning seldom takes place in isolation. The role of a university is to create a dynamic environment for Students to be able to effectively interact, develop and learn. There are exciting possibilities for discovery at SLU, but they do require significant commitment on your part as well as an obligation to respect and support others in the University community. Within this handbook, among other policies and important information, you will find SLU's Code of Student Conduct. Reading this Code will help you better understand your rights and responsibilities as a SLU Student.

As you prepare for the year ahead, please know that the staff and faculty at Saint Louis University are here to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. In various ways, we will challenge and support you throughout your Student experience at SLU. We look forward to your success and send best wishes for a safe and productive year.


Kent Porterfield, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Development
Saint Louis University

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