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Since 1967, Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus has been hosting visiting and degree-seeking students in Spain. SLU-Madrid shares with the University its vision and mission, and its Student Life Staff is committed to helping students reach their educational and personal goals. As in St. Louis, there are wealth of on-campus activities; in addition, of course, Madrid itself is internationally renowned for its rich culture and vibrant night-life. Furthermore, students often choose to travel around Spain, across Europe, and beyond.

In general, the SLU-Madrid strives to maintain the same University polices that are in place in St. Louis. Students registered in programs offered at SLU-Madrid, however, follow the policies and procedures posted on its website: Especially important are SLU-Madrid's Insider's Guide, which includes essential information about arriving to and living in Spain, and SLU-Madrid's "Code of Student Conduct." Students are urged to review SLU-Madrid Student Life webpages for information about Clubs and Activities, Counseling and Disabilities Services, Housing Policies, Medical Information, Residency Cards, and Safety and Security on and off campus.

SLU-Madrid, as an institution of higher education physically located in Spain, complies with all Spanish laws and regulations. Students must be aware, too, that, even with as a U.S. citizen, they are subject to Spanish laws. A U.S. passport or citizenship doesn't prevent a student from getting arrested or being prosecuted. Thus, we strongly suggest that students review the U.S. Embassy's webpage on Spain and Andorra prior to your trip.

U.S. students are urged to join the U.S. Embassy's Smart Enrollment Travel Program (STEP). Doing so enables the U.S. Embassy in Spain to keep them up to date with any important safety and security notices; it also helps their friends and family reach them in case of an emergency.

Students interested in planning to study abroad should contact the Saint Louis University Office of International Services:

3694 West Pine Mall
Des Peres Hall Room 102
St. Louis, MO 63108
Telephone: 314-977-3445
Fax: 314-977-3412

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