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Community Standards Process

Preliminary Meeting:

If an incident report is submitted to the Office of Student Conduct from Housing and Residence Life, DPSSS or another member of the community, the Office of Student Conduct will investigate the allegation. If your name is associated with an incident, you will be scheduled to meet with a hearing officer to discuss the incident. This meeting is to discuss what happened and to gather additional information.

If during this meeting it is determined that there was a policy violation, the student has the opportunity to take responsibility for his/her actions. If the student takes responsibility, sanctions are given to the student appropriate to the violation(s). Students have the opportunity to appeal the sanctions given if they believe that the sanctions are not appropriately given based on the violations.


If the hearing officer determines that there is a policy violation and the student does not take responsibility, he/she can request a hearing. A hearing would then be scheduled for a Board or Individual Hearing Officer to determine responsibility.

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