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Opportunities for Student Involvement

The Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards has many opportunities for students to develop their leadership and communication skills. If you are looking to get involved, be proactive and make a difference, and even be a part of decisions that impact our campus through policy and justice, we'd love to hear from you!

Students can volunteer to participate on the Student Appeal Board (SAB). The Student Appeal Board is made up of undergraduate students who decide the final determination of disciplinary cases. 

Peer Educators are also needed to help teach our Alcohol Education Class. Our alcohol education class is run by our graduate assistant. Working under our graduate assistant you can help teach fellow undergraduates the importance of safe drinking.

      Alcohol Education
                                                       Photo: Alcohol Education Class                                                   

We also offer Internships for SLU students. The internship normally lasts a semester. It's an opportunity to learn about how the conduct process works at the University.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities please e-mail, and a representative from the office will be in touch.

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