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University Community Standards Board

UCSB members hear conduct cases in which suspension or expulsion may be a factor. The Board consists of faculty, staff and student representatives. All members of the Board must be approved by the President of the University and receive the same level of training as the faculty and staff members receive. In addition to weekly hearings, the members may be called upon to promote policy literacy and character development at SLU.


  • Good academic and disciplinary standing for students
  • Student members must be either a Sophomore, Junior or Senior
  • Must be able to maintain confidential information
  • Organizational and Time Management is a must
  • Reliable and Dependable
  • Good reasoning and inquiry skills
  • Knowledge of campus resources


  • Valuable experience on a hearing board.
  • Improve student skills in communication, organization, empathy, and expression.
  • Educate students about acceptable community behaviors.
  • Instill a true sense of mission and cura personalis.
  • Gain valuable leadership experience.
  • Student members provide a needed peer perspective for students in the community standards process.

Email or call 977-7326 with any questions.

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