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2011-2012 Academic Catalogs

The Saint Louis University Undergraduate and Graduate Education Academic Catalogs officially become effective on the first class day of the Fall semester and are valid until the first class day of the following Fall semester. Academic Programs beginning in the Summer semester may opt for the future Academic Year catalog, please verify with your academic department for those programs.

A student and academic department is governed by all policies, procedures, degree requirements, and graduation requirements outlined in the Academic Catalog in effect at the time of their matriculation to Saint Louis University. A students Academic Catalog of entry year is referenced as the "catalog of record".

Graduate Education Catalog

Undergraduate Catalog sections

Policies and Procedures
University Withdraw and Enrollment Changes

College of Arts and Sciences
John Cook School of Business
Doisy College of Health Sciences
College of Education and Public Service
School of Nursing
Parks College of Aviation and Technology
College of Philosophy and Letters
School for Professional Studies
School of Public Health
School of Social Work

Honors Program
Military Science ROTC
Pre-Law Scholars Program
Pre-Professional Health Studies

Undergraduate Admissions
Tuition and Fees
Summer Sessions

Course Descriptions

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