Saint Louis University

Why do I have this hold?

  • Need to make an appointment with your ESL advisor (Diana Pascoe or Larry Schmidt) to discuss midterm progress. Bring a copy of your midterm grades.
  • Need to retest in order to show fulfillment of SLU language requirements.
  • A teacher or program coordinator has asked that you be tested.
  • The ESL Academic Committee has placed a hold on your account because you have not yet fully passed either the TOEFL/IELTS and/or the SLUWE.
  • All students in EAP 115, 120, and 130 will automatically have a hold before registration period opens.
  • You will not be able to register for classes until you have your appointment and have discussed your progress.
  • The maximum number of credits allowed for the next semester will be determined based on progress.

How do I fix this?

Take the institutional TOEFL on specified dates before midterm, and at the end of the semester if needed. Take the SLUWE in your 115 class. Once you have your test scores and midterm grades, make an appointment with an ESL advisor. If you do not know who this is, or for any questions, you can call Angela Rellegert at 977-3200.

Speak to your EAP 120 and 130 instructors about advising and requirements.