Saint Louis University

Click here for a screenshot demonstration.

Please click here to access the Class Schedule Search in Banner Self Service

  1. The Class Schedule Search has multiple points of entry
    1. On the top of the Banner Self Service Login Page
    2. On the Student Tab of MySLU
    3. Within Banner Self Service
      • Student Tab -> Registration -> Look Up Classes -> Advanced Search (button)
    4. On the Add/Drop Classes page -> grey Class Search button
    5. Or Click Here
  2. Select the desired term and click Submit if prompted to do so
  3. Search Criteria Selections
    1. Subject: You MUST select at least 1 subject area from the menu to perform the search *
    2. Campus: Default campus location if Frost (Saint Louis, North of US 64/40)
      1. To return courses from a different campus location please select different or additional campus options *
    3. Other fields may be used if desired
    4. Click Submit
  4. Reading Search Results
    1. CRN, Course Reference Number, is a hyperlink, click on it for more detailed information regarding the course
    2. CMP = Campus
    3. Days: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday
    4. CAP, ACT and REM: Cap=Capacity; ACT=Number of Students Enrolled, or Actual, REM=Remaining Seats
      1. When REM is 0 or a negative number the course is closed
    5. WL CAP, WL ACT, and WL REM: WL=Waitlist, these indicate the Capacity, Actual, and Remaining Waitlist seats if applicable
    6. XL CAP, XL ACT, and XL REM: XL=Cross-listed, these indicate the Capacity, Actual, and Remaining seats if a course is crosslisted with another section
      1. When XL REM is 0 or a negative number the course is closed

* Selecting multiple items from the selection menus
Hold the Ctrl key while clicking more than one selection to return results for all selected menu options

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