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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration

  • Can I waitlist for the same class but at a different time?
    • Yes
    • After receiving the E-mail notification you will need to "Web Drop" the registered course and "Web Register" the waitlist course using the action drop down menus
  • Do waitlist courses count toward my student status? (Full time student status)
    • No
    • Waitlist courses do NOT calculate into your cumulative hours for neither student status nor billing
  • Can I waitlist for multiple classes?
    • Yes
    • You can waitlist for as many courses as you desire, but Please remove yourself from waitlist courses you no longer desire and after your schedule is finalized
  • If two people waitlist at the same time who is notified first?
    • Waitlist time stamps each student and hence truly functions on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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