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Registration PINs

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What is a Registration PIN?

Registration PINs allow students to have priority registration.  See Registration Schedule here.

Banner will block registration until the student enters the registration PIN.

Who receives Registration PINs?

The following students are granted priority registration and therefore will be assigned a Registration Pin: student athletes, University Honors Program students, SSS grant students, students on an approved non-Madrid study abroad program, veterans and students with early registration accommodations.

How will I receive my Registration PIN?

Students will receive their PIN from the Office of the University Registrar (

What is my PIN?

St. Louis Frost campus students Pins are based on Student Classification.

    • 510000 = Senior
    • 520000 = Junior
    • 530000 = Sophomore
    • 540000 = Freshmen

Madrid student PINs will all start with a 2.

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