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Summer Visiting Application

To enroll in Summer courses as a visiting undergraduate student, the Office of University Registrar at Saint Louis University will require that applicants complete an online application.

Applying online lets you create a Login ID and PIN to access the system anytime and view the progress of your application. Once you have started your online application, use your created Login ID/PIN to check your application status. 

There are 3 Steps to complete a Summer Visiting Undergraduate application.

1. Create a Login ID and PIN for your application

Click Here - If this is your first time filling out an admission application:

  • Click the link titled "First Time User Account Creation" that is located directly under the Login button.
  • Create a Login ID and PIN
    • Login ID - can be up to nine alphanumeric characters
    • PIN - must be six numbers
  • Once you have created your Login ID/PIN and verified your PIN, you can begin completing your admission application.

2. Select an Application Type and Admission Term

  • In the Application Type dropdown choose Summer Visiting Undergraduate.
  • In the Admission Term dropdown choose Summer 2015.

3. Complete the Application Checklist

When you first begin the online application, all of the checklist items required for your application will have a blue "I" icon next to them; this means that they are incomplete. As you complete the application, these items will have a red checkmark next to them so you know what portions of your application have been completed.

There are five sections:

  1. Name
  2. Address and Phone
  3. Personal Information
  4. Previous College
  5. Additional Information

While filling out the checklist there are buttons on the bottom of the screen:

  • Checklist - If you would like to save your changes and return to the main checklist screen
  • Continue - If you would like to save the current section and continue on to the next section
  • Finish Later - if you would like to return to the application menu and complete your application at a later time
  • Return to Checklist Without Saving Changes - If you would like to return to the checklist without saving your information
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