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Transcript Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I request a copy of my transcript?

See our Transcripts page.

Can my transcript be expedited?

Yes, through Fed Ex.  See our Transcripts page.

Can my friend or relative pick up my transcript for me?

Yes, with a signed release from you stating the person's name that you are allowing to pick up your transcript.  That person will need to present a picture ID.

Has the transcript from another institution been received by Saint Louis University?

Current students contact the Office of the University Registrar through, 314.977.2269 or in person

Students who have yet to attend classes at the University, your transcripts are received by your admissions office, please contact the appropriate office of admissions to verify receipt.

Undergraduate Admissions: 314.977.2500 or
Graduate Business Programs: 314.977.6221 or
Graduate Education: 314.977.2240 or
School of Law: 314.977.2800 or
Masters in Social Work Program: 314.977.2722 or
School of Professional Studies: 314.977.2330 or 800.734.6736
School of Medicine:

Do the grades I earned at the transfer institution calculate in my SLU GPA?

No. The only grades which are calculated into your SLU GPA are grades earned at or in conjunction with SLU (examples: Study Abroad and the ACC 1818 program).

The hours earned will be calculated toward your degree requirements and your registration classification.

Can I view my unofficial Transcript?

Yes, through Banner Self-Service.

Do you accept practical courses? (examples: EMT training, CPR courses, Welding, etc.)

SLU does not accept practical courses for academic credit.

Please consult the Unofficial Transfer Articulation website to view the established transfer equivalency tables.

If you do not see an Institution or specific course this does not necessarily mean the transfer work is not accepted.

It simply means we have not previously received transfer work from the institution or regarding the specific course.

What does the back of the Transcript look like?

Click here for the Grade Scale / Transcript Back.

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