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**Proposed Faculty Manual Amendments **
  (Spring/Fall 2016)

        Approved by the Faculty Senate on April 19, 2016
        Withdrawn in May 2016, by the Task Force, from Board consideration
          pending revisions to #5-A, #5-B, and #9
        Faculty Senate approval of revised amendments pending
        Approval by the Board of Trustees of all proposed amendments pending

Informational: Framework for the Faculty Manual Revision (as of October 31, 2013) - Shared Governance Statement and Principles
Currently in Effect:

The Faculty Manual of Saint Louis University
Amended -- 2008
Approved by the Faculty Senate on 4/29/08
Approved by the University President and Provost
Adopted by the Board of Trustees on 5/3/08

Important Faculty Manual Update!
A Faculty Manual Revision Task Force has begun the work of identifying potential amendments to the current Manual (2008). In addition to addressing more substantive matters, the Task Force seeks to bring the Manual language into conformity with the University's administrative structure emergent from the 2009 elimination of the provost position and subsequent reorganization of the SLU executive staff.

Given the particular importance of clarity in the faculty grievance process, the Task Force made the review of the affected Manual sections (Sec. III.I.4. - III.I.9.d. on pp.38-48) its top priority. Click HERE to view this Manual excerpt. The Task Force's recommendations appear as comments in the right-hand page margins. Please note that these recommendations do not address substantive changes to the grievance process; any such recommendations will be made at a later time. For now, the Task Force sought only to determine the appropriate substitution for the "Provost" references based upon the new administrative structure outlined in the current organizational chart linked from the bottom of this page, plus make one nominal revision emergent from the separation of Doisy College and the School of Nursing.

At its November 30, 2010, meeting, the Faculty Senate voted unanimously to accept and implement these recommended transitional changes so that the faculty grievance process will be clarified for those affected while the Manual amendment process continues. These changes do not constitute formal Manual amendments at this point but will be formalized as such at a later date. On December 16, 2010, the President's Coordinating Council (PCC) also voted to accept and implement these changes.

Hence, the changes described here and reflected in the linked document are understood to be in effect as of December 16, 2010.

Original Version (2006):

The Faculty Manual of Saint Louis University
Revised -- 2006
Approved by the Faculty Senate on 4/25/06
Adopted by the Board of Trustees on 5/6/06

Informational: Faculty Manual Revision Process as reported by the Faculty Senate Faculty Manual Task Force to the Senate on November 27, 2012.

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