WELCOME TO THE HOMEPAGE OF THE FILIPINO STUDENT ASSOCIATION (FSA) of Saint Louis University. In our seventh year as a chartered student organization, we are planning many events to increase the visibility of the Filipino community at SLU. Please check this site periodically to see what we've got in store for you!

Our mission is to promote unity within the organization through the awareness of the Filipino culture. We are called to provide opportunities that will enhance the understanding of our nation’s legacy. We are a new generation composed of two cultures. Because we have been raised in the United States and have immersed ourselves in the American life, we are American. Because our ancestors from the Philippines paved the way with irreplaceable qualities that define our character, we are Filipino. Combining both worlds into one has begun the evolution of a new identity called Filipino-Americans. Serving together as leaders of the future, we hope to develop an understanding of our heritage, educate those unfamiliar with the beauty of Philippine traditions, and increase diversity awareness within our institution. The ultimate dream is to make all individuals aware of the Filipino ways and teach them the magnificence of our culture.