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Chinese Student and Scholar Association

Article I: Name

The name of the organization is Chinese Student and Scholar Association of Saint Louis University (CSSA).

Article II: Mission Statement

i.CSSA is dedicated to serving Saint Louis University Chinese community through promoting social, intellectual, and cultural activities and providing support and resources for newly arrived Chinese students, scholars, and their families.

ii.CSSA promotes, assist, represents, and insures that the Chinese students have a voice on campus and that their needs are met, and also to serve as a platform for the interaction of the Chinese students and Chinese faculty with larger community 

iii.CSSA strives to promote cross-cultural exchange, friendship, and understanding between organization members and other cultures.  

iv.CSSA works independently and with other organizations to organize celebrations, cultural events, sports and entertainment activities among others to fulfill the mission.

Article III: Membership

i.People of Chinese origin who are studying or working at SLU, and
their spouses, abiding by the Constitution;

ii.People of Chinese origin who have studied or worked at SLU, and
their spouses, abiding by the Constitution;

iii.Other members of the Chinese community who are interested in
Chinese culture, abiding by the Constitution.

Article IV: Executive Board

The Executive Board of CSSA shall be the President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Freshman Advisor, Public Relations, Program Planner and Web Master. The President appoints the Executive Board members.

1.The President shall:

i.For fairness and efficiency uphold and enforce the adopted Constitution.

ii.Be the chief executive officer of the CSSA.

iii.Call a special meeting to address a single emergency situation when deemed necessary. For such a meeting to occur the President must:

a)Inform the Executive Board and all the Federation,

b)Have at least 1/2 of the members of ISF executive board.

iv.Propose policies, programs, and plans and direct the administration and execution of those policies, programs, and plans. The Federation may or may not adopt or mandate these policies, programs, and plans.

v.Oversee the Executive Board duties and delegate assignments to the Executive Board.

vi.Insure the harmony among executive board members.

2.The Vice President shall:

i.Assist the President with any of the President's duties.

ii.Serve in place of the President whenever the President is unable to perform his/her duties.

3.The Treasurer shall:

i.Raise, collect and apply for fund, and prepare for a budget for Executive Board’s approval.

ii.Ensure the smooth disbursement of the fund is done in accordance with the approved budget.

4.The Secretary shall:

i.Be responsible for all records of the CSSA.

ii.Take detailed minutes.

iii.Keep records of current memberships, probations, and expulsions.

iv.Help the President and Vice-President prepare the agenda for meetings.

v.Attend Executive Board and General meetings.

vi.Be responsible for keeping a calendar of all the activities of CSSA.

vii.Be responsible for the Internal communications of the Executive Board

5.The Freshman Advisor shall:

i.Assist, support and insure that the needs of freshman Chinese students are met.

ii.Reach out to the freshman Chinese population at SLU

6.The Public Relations shall:

i.Be the chief information officer for CSSA with responsibilities for promoting our mission and purpose and disseminating information about our organization to the wider university and community.

ii.Advertise and promote CSSA sponsored events.

7.The Program Planner shall:

i.Be responsible for implementing activities approved by the executive board.

ii.Advise the president and the executive board on programming opportunities.

iii.Manage and maintain order at the CSSA sponsored events.

8.The Web Master shall:

i.Design and maintain the CSSA website.

Article V: Faculty Advisor

i.Assist in reelection of new leadership and transfer of the leadership to the next President elect. Keep the CSSA focused on its goals. Stimulate or initiate activities and programs.

ii.Oversee all financial transactions.

iii.Nominate the President and the Executive Board seats.

iv.Attend meetings of CSSA and involve in the resolution of any problem to insure that the CSSA follows its Constitution and University policy.

Article VI: Executive Power

The decisions that are made by the Executive Board include:

i.The disbursement of funds.

ii.Addition or removal of Executive Board positions.

iii.The impeachment due to he/she not maintaining his/her duties according to Article IV

iv.The sponsorship of any event.

a)All Executive Board decisions must be approved by 70% or more attending members at any official executive board meetings, with the exception of impeachment.

b)President has the power to vote twice if the difference between the approvals or not of any Executive Board decisions is two or less.

c)Official Execute Board meetings must consist 70% or more of current Executive Board members.

Article VII: Elections

i.Any member of the CSSA including Advisor can nominate the candidate for President. Voting power for President will be given to all members of the CSSA. The President will determine the Executive Board seats. Only members of the CSSA and the Executive Board can run for candidacy of President. Advisor may be nominated by Executive Board or the Office of Student Life, SLU

ii.Elections for the President will be the second week after Chinese New Year. The President shall serve for a term of one year or until his/her successor is elected; he/she may be re-elected for a second term.

Article VIII: Amendments

Any proposal in regards to changes or amendments to the Constitution will need to be discussed and vote on the following meeting after the proposal has been presented.