Issue 1- February 2009


Spencer Brown
        "Restaurant Ode"
        "Sexy Time"
        "A Drunk in the Meadow"

John Cooper
        "This Bridge Incomplete"
        "The Fall of Burning Tree"
        "On a Car Ride Away From You"

Pat Donegan
        "Pissing on Luck"

Sam Floyd
        "A Ripple and a Splash in the Forest River of a Late Afternoon"
        "Such is Life"

Ben Koenig
        "Cookie Day"

Brett Meszaros
        "Notebook Page 42"
        "Canopy Conversation"


Caroline Doerhoff
        “Excerpt from an as of yet Untitled Novella”

Pat Donegan

Cameron Matthews

Sam Floyd
        “Trees in the Forest, Men and Boys”

Emma Obata
        “The Sea”


Spencer Brown
        “Walgreens Oasis”

Al Schuster

Visual Arts