Issue 2- October 2009


Rachel Allen
           "Each and All So Extraordinary"
           "Quirks of the City"
           "This is How You Are to Walk"

Spencer Brown
           "Bald Eagle"
           "My Dream Date"
           "Nothing too Small"

Kevin Cahalin
           "The Succubus"

John Cooper
           "Found Words"
           "Hollow Magic"
           "Not Like the Movies Promised"

Pat Donegan
           "The Gateway to the West"
Kevin Dwyer
           "Mary and the Lord"
           "The Clouds"

Jake Fisher

Sam Floyd
           "Cellulite Stars"
           "A Ripple and a Splash in the Forest River of a Late Afternoon"*
           "The Volcano"

Zanmi RL Gorley
           "The Plank"

Emily Guck

Katie Madges
           "if i could be a noise"

Emma Obata
           "Breaking Up"
           "To Miss Reynolds"


Rachel Allen
           "Kid Stuff"

Tony Burwinkel
           "The Humble Intentions of a Hummingbird"*

Kevin Cahalin

Annie Cosby
           "The Poplar Street Bridge"*

Sam Floyd


Spencer Brown
            “Walgreens Oasis”

Al Schuster

Visual Arts

*Denotes 2009 Montesi Award Winner