Issue 3- November 2010


Katerina Canyon

Dwight Bitikofer
           "Apostrophe to a Galaxie"

Priya Sirohi
           "Holding Hands"

Guadalupe Murillo

Josh Pazderka
           "Concrete Maze"
Colin Pajda
           "Dealer's Dirge"

Luke Sapa
           "The Making of a Recluse"

Eleanor Humphrey
           "AM Showers"

Peony Lee

Owen Needham
           "Mystery of a Migratory Fish"

Asha Sharma

Teresa Wink
           "Coming Out"

Matthew Freeman
           "Hard Out Here for a Paranoid Poet"


Luke Sapa
           "It was around 3:30"

Robert W. Kopfensteiner III
           "The Waking"

Connor O'Malley
           "A Tribute to Waterwish"

Martin Lee
           "Empty Egg Cartons"

Timothy Keith Toby



Camille Boden
           “Pyramid Point”
           “Banua Horror”