America, America Where Have You Gone?

Our economic system is an exponential schism
Endless derivatives, while trillions in the negatives
Rich getting richer, the poor pushed out of the picture
Families in luxury sedans cruise pass the homeless man
Shrouded in dismay, just lost along the way
As some may yearn, most eyes turn
“Don’t look honey, that crack head just wants our money”
Why can’t our advances in technology fix this rampant poverty?

While the majority has limited authority,
The upper one percent seems to be content
Our freedom is little, and their policy is fiscal
Splintering the wealth with a hammer and chisel
Modern day kings are pulling the strings
Bigger the slice of the pie, the more laws it can buy
Officials and money mixing like tea and honey
Financial dilution in our lawmaking institution
Political coaches, congressional roaches
With their costly hobby, the art of corporate lobby
The decisions of our nation are made by this infestation
Is Wall Street the seed to this weed, or just simple human greed?

In the Middle East, these predators, they feast
Oil is worth more than life in this desert strife
Murderous gluttons pushing the buttons
Building their wells with artillery shells
Calling the shots from afar, in classy suits, it leaves no scar
We sold them weapons years before for their petty civil wars
It was the 1980s, Iraqis weren’t our enemies, just AKs and dogs with rabies
Our Foreign Relations: arm the nation, and then inflict devastation
Turn it to profit, and no one would stop it
Selling guns, missiles, bombs, and mines, who really committed the crimes?

With the prejudice news, and the sides they choose, Palestinians or the Jews?
Which world leaders are kooks? And who’s got the most nukes?
This media-instilled fear is mindless, bias and spreads like a virus
While Africa from shore to shore, has no food for the poor,
It’s a humanitarian mess, a game of resource chess
A Peace Corps war, aids and starvation galore!
Yet nations of the obese want more?!

All it takes is a realization, that this very nation
From its foundation was a beautiful democratic creation
Now greed has poisoned the hearts and minds of the politicians of all kinds
The ones who escaped European persecution, started the Revolution,
Sacrificed their pain, and many were slain,
Their contribution for our Constitution was made in vain
Because we are now just a financial institution with commercial delusions
The only solution, to this psyche pollution and constant confusion, is a spiritual evolution
How much longer can this madness carry on?!
America, America, where have you gone?

- James Reidy