Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity - Epsilon Upsilon Chapter - Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO

Epsilon Upsilon Chapter History

The Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Saint Louis University by a group of friends on the 12th floor of Griesedieck Hall.  A Phi Tau alumnus from Perdue named Luke Latour was serving as a student spiritual advisor for Demattias Hall at the time.  With the help of Luke Latour, the chapter was able to charter on November 20, 1998 with 34 members.  during the course of the next few years, the chapter began coaching basketball for inner city youth and adopted a stretch of highway on Interstate 40.  Phi Tau was becoming a force on campus.  Membership reached over 40 after the initiation of the Theta class in Fall 2000.  As we stand, there are over 80 initiated members with close to 60 alumni.  Although our chapter is smaller today, we have a rich tradition to uphold. 

Local Founding Fathers

Rob Barquero Chris Frederick Jason Long
Ryan Berry Alex Greco Ryan Mosier
John Beseau Matt Hake Brian Nicoloff
Jason Biggs Hector Herrara Go Ozeni
William Borgmeyer Dan Hinkebein Rashid Rashid
Alan Burke Colin Holland Jace Romeo
Jason Carey Mark Irey Jason Seats
Nathan Chew Cooper Jumonville Justin Silver
P.J. Conley Steve Kappel Ben Weaver
Dan Conlin Dennis Knott  
James Daly Jason Licavoli  
Tommy Euston Vince Lombardo  

National Fraternity History

Phi Kappa Tau was founded in the Union Literary Society Hall of Miami University's Old Main Building in Oxford, Ohio on March 17, 1906. The four honored founders were:

  • Taylor Albert Borradaile

  • Clinton Dewitt Boyd

  • Dwight Ireneus Douglass

  • William Henry Shideler?

Founded as the Non-Fraternity Association to give Miami's non-fraternity men a voice in campus political affairs, the organization changed its name to Phrenecon on March 6, 1909 because the name Non-Fraternity Association seemed too negative.

Phrenecon became "national" in 1911 when a second chapter was formed at Ohio University. Additional Phrenecon chapters were established at Ohio State University, Centre College (Danville, KY), Mount Union College (Alliance, OH) and the University of Illinois. At Miami, Phrenecon began to have difficuly retaining members by the early 'teens. Often, men joined Phrenecon, then later dropped their membership and joined Greek-letter fraternities. In fact, the Miami chapters of Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon were founded by Phrenecon members. For that reason, the Miami Chapter of Phrenecon withdrew from the National Phrenecon and adopted the name Phi Kappa Tau on March 9, 1916. The rest of the chapters agreed to the name change in December of that year and invited Miami to return to the national organization as the Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Tau.


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