The Micah Program
Where students from all majors live, study and serve together

The Micah Program Service Sites:


Micah Program students perform service in neighborhoods surrounding campus. We provide small and large group service opportunites. For their weekly service, Micah students make a committment to serve at a specific Micah service site for at least a full semester. Small groups of students travel to the service sites using university vehicles. Only thirty hours of service per semester is required, averaging about 2 to 3 hours per week. Students choose their service sites from those listed below based on their interests and availability.


Adams Elementary School

Adams Elementary is a St. Louis city public school close to campus serving a very high population of children in need. They need tutors for the children and support for the teachers. Approximately 10 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.

City Garden Montesorri Charter School

Saint Louis University sponsors three charter schools in the city of St. Louis. Sponsorship responsibilities are directed and overseen by the Office of the Vice President in conjunction with faculty and staff from throughout the University. Micah students mentor, tutor, and help implement activities at the City Garden Montessori Charter School. Learn more here: Charter Schools

Cornerstone Center for Early Learning

Micahs work with children birth to age 6 at Cornerstone, which provides high-quality, affordable, comprehensive care and education for children while following a Constructivist philosophy that governs all aspects of operation. As a nonprofit, United Way agency, the Center enables parents to enter or remain in the workforce, or to seek higher education. Cornerstone is approximately 10 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.


De La Salle Middle School at St. Matthew's

At this Micah service site located in North St. Louis, but not far from campus, Micahs tutor/mentor under-served high school and college students who graduated from De La Salle and return to the school and community for guidance and support.  Micahs also help with other tutoring duties when requested.  De La Salle is approximately 10 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.

Firm Foundation Tutoring Program

Micahs tutor inner-city immigrant and refugee children-in-need, K through 9th grade, at this organization that is a part of Restore St. Louis and New City Fellowship. Families of the current children being served come from Burma, Liberia, and Nepal. Firm Foundation is approximately 15 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.

Gateway Hubert Wheeler State School for the Severely Disabled (an MSSD school)

Located in the inner-city of St. Louis and serving a high percentage of high need students, this service site is new for fall 2013.  Micahs will work alongside staff in the classrooms.  "All students enrolled in MSSD have severe to profound disabilities as defined by the Missouri State Plan for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) classification system. Many students also have other disabilities that challenge their ability to receive appropriate education and related services in their local district programs. The school is located less than 5 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.

Kingdom House

Micahs serve in the after-school program and childcare center for this organization that provides extensive, and excellent, spiritual-based social services to families. Kingdom House is United Way-funded and United Methodist Church-affiliated. Kingdom House is approximately 15 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.

Lewis Place After-School Tutoring Program

Micahs tutor/mentor children ages K thru 8th at this center located in a historic neighborhood in North St. Louis (but not far from campus) where the Housing Authority has provided a community room for neighbors who are serving the local children. The neighbors have tried to restore a sense of community for the children. They have several programs for the children, including an after-school program where they focus on literacy.

St. Cecilia's Graduate Support

Micah tutor at-risk middle-school and high school students at St. Cecilia's Academy, a NativityMiguel school serving the Latino community and a diverse population of students in grades k-8. As part of their commitment to their 8th grade graduates, St. Cecilia's Academy offers supervised tutoring/study hall. All St. Cecilia high school students (now attending various schools throughout the St. Louis city/county) are encouraged to return to St. Cecilia in order to receive one on one tutoring and/or access to the computer lab for school-related/research activities. St. Cecilia's is approximately 20 minutes from SLU's Frost campus. 

St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care

Weekly, Micahs spend quality time with elderly and disabled adults-in-need in this safe and caring environment. Annually, Micah students provide a festive Valentine's Day celebration for the clients in this program. St. Elizabeth's is approximately 10 minutes from SLU's Frost campus, but when sharing a van with BWorks will take approximately 15 minutes.



Micahs mentor and/or tutor middle-school students at an inner-city after-school program. UrbanFUTURE is a “connector” of the family, school and community in impoverished urban areas providing mentoring, tutoring and career preparation programs to help youth see and believe in their possibilities. UrbanFurture is approximately 15 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.

Youth Learning Center

Micahs tutor and serve as Academic Coaches for 2nd through 8th graders at this academic center for under-served children. The center has a special focus on math, science, technology, writing, and engineering, but provides academic support in any area the child needs help (Formerly the Youth Technology and Education Center - YTEC). YLC is approximately 5 minutes from SLU's Frost campus.


And, Serving Others...Optional Large-Group Service Projects

- September: Alongside members of New City Fellowship, Micahs help renovate neighborhoods in distress. This is not a weekly service site, but Firm Foundation Tutoring is affiliated with New City (see more about Firm Foundations Tutoring above).

- October: Micah Halloween Party for 250 Children from Sherman Elementary and the Shaw Neighborhood. This event also serves as the Micah Make a Difference Day event (see mor einformation on Sherman Elementary above).

- November/December: For the Micah Annual Holiday Giving Project, Micah students, faculty, and staff "adopt" families in need from Southside Catholic Family Services and help to fulfill their christmas wishes.

- Spring Semester: Micah Intern Event. Some of the past Micah Intern events include benefit concerts for Karen House (see more information about Karen House above) and for organizations in Haiti and the first-ever Fair Trade Week held at Saint Louis University.

- March/April: Indoor/Outdoor Spring Cleaning at Karen House (see more information about Karen House above). This event serves as the Micah Showers of Service event.

- April: Helping with Operation Brightside in the Shaw Neighborhood, Micah students work alongside residents of the Shaw Neighborhood to clean-up and beautify their street.

Throughout the academic year, Micah students participate in other optional service opportunities at the request of people and organizations in need.