Parent Financial FAQs

How do I make payments on my student's account?
Saint Louis University accepts cash, check, money order and wire transfer as payment. Credit card payments (MasterCard, Amex,Discover), with a convenience fee, may be made through the Payment Suite via MySLU. Checks should be made payable to Saint Louis University and please write the student's nine digit Banner ID # on the face of the check. A non-refundable $25 fee is assessed for each returned check and ACH payment.

How do I make financial arrangements to secure my student's registration?
After registering, students must make financial arrangements in order to secure class registration. Students have the option of paying the balance in full, participating in a payment plan or securing loans in advance of the payment due date. A variety of payment plan options are offered by Saint Louis University to help you afford a Saint Louis University education. Payments must be received before the due date (post marked checks are not applicable). Visit for further guidance and information.

Where can a student get a job on campus?
Jobs on campus range from positions in the office of admission to being a desk worker in a residence hall. Some jobs may require a student to be Federal Work-Study eligible. This means Federal Work-Study eligibility must be part of their financial aid package. Both Federal Work-Study and non Federal Work-Study job opportunities are available. Students may view information on available jobs at

Will my student's financial aid/scholarship change from year to year?
Financial aid packages are reviewed annually but typically do remain the same from year to year. Factors that may affect change would include significant change in Expected Family Contribution (i.e., loss of a job, additional student in college, etc.) or if the student does not meet renewal eligibility requirements for scholarships (GPA, hours completed, continuous full-time undergraduate enrollment). Annual loan limits will increase as the student progresses grade levels (freshman - $5500, sophomore - $6500, junior/senior - $7500). If a family is presented with a significant change in family and/or financial status, they are encouraged to contact Student Financial Services.

Are there ATM's on campus?
There are 9 ATM's conveniently located on campus in the following areas:

  • Busch Student Center
  • Fusz Hall
  • DuBourg Hall
  • Reinert Hall
  • De Mattias Hall
  • Learning Resources Center
  • Salus Center
  • Doctor's Office Building
  • SLU Hospital 

Where can my student go to cash a check?
Students can cash checks at the US Bank branch on campus in Busch Student Center. Students must present a University ID Card to cash a check. If the student does not have an account at US Bank the limit is $50.00 a day and it must be their personal check. If the student is a US Bank account holder, the limit is $250.00 a day. All students are eligible for the U.S. Bank Billikens Checking account, where they can use their SLU ID as their ATM card. U.S. Bank has over 2,400 locations in 24 states and 4.600 atm locations across the country. There is a U.S. Bank branch in the Busch Student Center and opening an account at this location entitles you to a free box of Billiken checks and a free gift as well.

What are Billiken Bucks and how do I put more of them onto my student's account?
Billiken Bucks are similar to a debit account plan that students use by swiping their student ID. The funds that are deposited can be used for purchases at the Instructional Media Center, Bannister House, Saint Louis University Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Library (copying/printing), Information Technology Services software sales, and all University Dining Services locations. They may also be used at some off campus eateries. They never expire and you may close your account at any time by submitting your request in writing. There is a $5 minimum deposit required to start a Billiken Bucks account. You can add additional funds and learn more by visiting Parking & Card Services.

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