Saint Louis University

Can I park in the Visitor sections of Laclede or Olive garage?

  • The Visitor Sections of Laclede and Olive garage (denoted by blue pillars with white lettering reading "VISITOR") are reserved for visitors only. If you have a valid SLU parking permit, you are no longer considered a visitor and cannot use this area. 

What do I do If I own multiple vehicles?

  • I am using a different vehicle for LESS than a month:
    • Make certain your valid permit is displayed within the vehicle while it is on campus.
  • I am using a different vehicle for MORE than a month or alternating between more than one vehicle frequently:
    • Register the vehicle(s) using Banner Self-Service. Click on either your employee or student tab. Find the "Parking and Card Services Vehicle Registration" link. Next click  "Register Vehicle(s)" and fill out the vehicle information. Finally click "Add Vehicle."
      • If you have difficulty registering your vehicle online, you may send your vehicle information (Make, Model, Color, and License plate number), name, and banner number to In subject of the letter, write "vehicle registration" and in the body include the information above. One of our staff will be able to register the vehicle for you. 
    • You will still need to have your valid permit within the vehicle on campus in order to use the garage and lot access on your card.
  • I am using two or more vehicles on campus at once:
    • Only ONE vehicle is allowed on campus per permit. If you want to have more than one vehicle on campus at a time, you will have to pay for a permit for EACH vehicle or pay the hourly/daily rate in the garages as a visitor. Abuse of this policy will result in fines up to and including termination of the privilege to park on campus.

Where do place my motorcycle or convertible/Jeep parking sticker?

Motorcycle permits

     Must be attached to the front wheel fork. Individuals must keep their issued hangtag with them at all times. 

Convertible & Jeep permits

     Must attach the valid sticker permit on the inside and lower lefthand corner of their windshield. Individuals must keep their issued hangtag with them at all times.

If I forget my permit or ID, do I have to park on the street?

        If you forget your permit and/or ID, you can still park within your permit areas, but you will need to contact our office prior to or immediately after parking. We can then inform our enforcement officers and assist in raising gates remotely if necessary. If our office is closed, you can also contact Public Safety for gate assistance and to inform our enforcement officers of the situation. You must still park according to your permit's restrictions even in the absence of your permit and/or ID.  


When does my permit expire?

I have a permit for the Frost and Medical Campuses.

  • Fall Semester: January 15
  • Spring Semester: May 31
  • Summer Session: August 31

I have a permit for the Law School.*

  • Fall Semester: January 15
  • Spring Semester: May 31
  • Summer: July 31

* Due to the fact that some of our permits rely on externally controlled parking facilities downtown, we must communicate the number of renewals prior to the permit's expiration. The renewal date will be communicated to permit holders in advance.


How do I renew my permit?

      Any student renewing a parking permit within the Academic year (Fall to Spring, Spring to Summer) must bring in his/her previous parking permit to the Parking and Card Services office. Upon receipt of payment for parking, we will update your previous hangtag for continued use. All expired permits are subject to ticket and immediate boot. Please return all expired permits to the PCS office or one of the garage cashiers (Hickory East or Laclede) in order to avoid unnecessary fines.

Do hazard lights allow me to park in any location temporarily?

      Hazard lights do not allow you the ability to park temporarily. You must park according to the rules and regulations regarding parking on campus at all times. Regardless of duration parking in a Reserved Business, Visitor Section, Firelane, etc. will result in a parking citation. If there is an emergency such as a vehicle breakdown, please contact our office (314-977-2957) and the Department of Public Safety (314-977-3000) in order to provide vehicle description, situation and estimated time of repair. If towing or a jump start is needed, we can assist or refer you to those who can.