Saint Louis University

You may register at the Parking & Card Services office.

The Parking and Card office staff will attempt to verify the SLU status of each emeritus faculty member. Any individual not identified in Banner as emeritus faculty will require appropriate verification of the emeritus status from the Provost's Office before an ID and complimentary parking will be issued.

SLU Card/Pass Card
Emeritus faculty will be issued:

  • A SLU Card (University's ID card)
  • A hang tag for parking in the identified parking locations. This hang tag is transferable only between vehicles and NOT between individuals.

Procedure for Complimentary Parking
The individual will place the hang tag on the vehicles rearview mirror when parking on campus.  The SLU Card is used as an access key to get in and out of the university garages.  Simply place the SLU card on the card reader and the gate will raise.

Parking Locations
Complimentary parking will be provided for emeritus faculty as follows:

During the academic year (mid-August through mid-May) when the regular shuttle service is available:

  • Olive garage
  • Hickory East and West garages

During the summer (mid-May through mid-August) when the regular shuttle service is unavailable and there is greater excess capacity in the parking garages:

  • Laclede garage
  • Olive garage
  • Hickory East and West garages


  • Emeritus faculty have the same parking privileges, and are subject to the same rules, as current permit holders in the designated garages.
  • Parking is not available in the visitor sections of the Laclede or Olive garages.
  • Emeritus faculty are not eligible for complimentary event parking at Olive, only the Laclede garage.