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Visitor Parking for Saint Louis University

Visitors are classified as anyone who does not have a valid SLU parking permit.

Visitor parking is available in the garages with visitor sections for $2 per hour or $6 for the day. During event parking collections for the Chaifetz arena, everyone entering event parking areas during collection will be charged the event parking price (determined by the Chaifetz arena). Only Olive and Hickory East garages have overnight parking for visitors without a valid parking permit. Visitors using the Salus lot must have a valid card key or token to exit (tokens can be purchased from the Parking and Card Services office in DuBourg Hall, room 33 for $6 per token). Any questions regarding parking, please call 314-977-2957 or email

North Campus

South Campus

*A keycard from the hotel or a token is required to utilize the visitor lot. 

Parks Center for Aviation Sciences, Cahokia, IL

Short-term Visitor Parking

Student, faculty and staff parking are not permitted in the Reinert Hall/Brouster Hall visitor parking area, and each visitor must obtain a one-day hangtag from the desk worker to display in their vehicle in order to use these spaces.

Ticketing may occur if:

  1. the one-day hangtag is not displayed
  2. the one-day hangtag is expired
  3. information on the one-day hangtag is altered
  4. there is no information written on the hangtag
  5. faculty, staff or students park in these visitor spaces, even if a visitor hangtag was obtained and displayed.

In the event that these two visitor locations are full, parking in the Laclede Garage is available in the visitor parking areas only. However, overnight parking is not available for visitors in the Laclede Garage.

Overnight Visitor Parking
Long-term visitors (a resident's guest staying on campus longer than a 24-hour period) must park in the non-reserved sections of the Olive garage at a cost of $6 per day. 

Parking in the Laclede garage is available in the visitor parking areas only. Overnight parking is not available for visitors in the Laclede garage.

Garage Clearances (visitor garages and permit holders only)

North Campus:

  • Laclede garage   Laclede entrance/exit  7'6"
  • Olive garage all entrances/exits  8'2"

South Campus:

  • Hickory East        Rutger entrance/exit  7'6"   Theresa entrance/exit   8'2"
  • Hickory West       Carr Lane entrance/exit  7'6"   Theresa entrance/exit  8'2"
  • Vista garage       Vista Ave./Park Ave./Dr. Level entrance/exit  7'0"

Scott Hall:

  • Scott Hall garage Chestnut entrance/exit   6'8"
  • 9th Street garage all entrances/exits 6"

Anheuser-Busch Institute:

  • ABI garage Shaw entrance/exit   7'8"
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