Saint Louis University

Day Pass Coupons
Day pass coupons are available for purchase by non-permit holding faculty, staff, students and visitors in the Parking and Card Services Office during regular business hours. These coupons can be purchased in advance in any amount needed. The day pass coupons are $6 a piece and can be used at any of the visitor garages on campus. Single day coupons are also available for purchase. Consider this option if you are carpooling but need to occasionally drive to campus.

Hour Coupons
Hour coupons can be purchased from the Parking and Card Services office for $2 per coupon, but can only be used at visitor garages with cashiers such as the Hickory East and Laclede garages. The Olive garage is fully automated and cannot process the hour coupons. If the coupon does not fully cover your time in the garage, the difference must be paid to the cashier upon exit.

Garage Rate: $2.00 per hour, $6 per day, and $25 maximum per day. $25 fees are issued for losing your parking ticket, parking without a valid parking permit after visitor hours in the Laclede garage, parking overnight in the Laclede garage with a valid parking permit.

Salus Tokens
Tokens are available for purchase by non-permit holding faculty, staff and students for the Salus Center visitor's lot. These tokens are $6.00 a piece like the day pass coupons. However, only tokens are accepted to exit the Salus Center visitor lot.


*Special Circumstances: During parking collections for events at the Chaifetz arena, day pass coupons, hour coupons, tokens and other complimentary vouchers are not accepted in lieu of or towards payment of event parking price. Only cash will be accepted for event parking.