Saint Louis University

Questions Regarding Parking?

Please contact us before you park via our email: or phone number: 314-977-2957

Where Do I Park?

All faculty, staff, students and visitors parking a vehicle on University lots must comply with the University and State parking regulations, policies and procedures.

Do you have a valid SLU parking permit?

If you have a valid SLU parking permit, you must park according to your permit's restrictions. If you have questions about your permit's restrictions, you may contact the Parking and Card Services office prior to parking. If you need a copy of a parking map, click Parking Maps on the left.

If you do not have a valid SLU parking permit, there are visitor garages located on the North and South campuses. Below are pictures of the garages with visitor sections located on the North campus designated for your use. Visitors parking in the Hickory East garage may park in any space within the Hickory East garage unless otherwise indicated (i.e. disabled must have a valid state permit displayed to use that space). For more information on visitor parking you can click on Visitor Parking to the left or contact the Parking and Card Services office prior to visiting our campuses. Below are images of the North Campus Visitor Garages:

          Laclede Garage            Olive Garage
 Left: Laclede Garage's Only Visitor Entrance/Exit    Right: Olive Garage's Only Vistior Exit                                                                                                        (Entrances are located here and on Compton)

University Closings Due to Weather

Phone: 314-977-7669 (SNOW)
TV: FOX 2, KMOV 4, & KTVI 5
radio: KMOX 1120 AM

Emergency Parking Situations

In the event of vehicular breakdowns, call Public Safety at 314-977-3000 and report the vehicle description, license plate number, lot location and time frame for repair/removal of the vehicle.

Special Events and Lot Maintenance

Parking and Card Services and the Department of Public Safety are authorized to restrict the use of spaces on a temporary basis to accommodate special meetings, University sponsored activities, or construction. Advance notice will be provided.

During events at the Chaifetz arena, the following lots and garages are utilized for event parking: the Olive garage, Laclede garage, Sigma-Aldrich lot, and/or Fred Weber lot. When these are in use, information will be posted on our  Parking and Card Services Facebook page if SLU parking permit holders will be charged for utilizing a specific lot/garage during event parking collection. Those with valid SLU parking permits receive complimentary parking in Laclede garage during the event collection as well as other SLU lots/garages not listed according to your permit's restrictions. You must have your permit to receive parking privileges. ID's are not enough.

PCS Facebook pagePCS Facebook page

Storage of Vehicles

University parking facilities may not be used for long-term storage.

The University reserves the right to tow away vehicles that remain on University property in an inoperative, derelict, abandoned condition and/or not in compliance with all state regulations. Reasonable effort will be made by Parking and Card Services to contact the owner prior to removal.

If you require assistance with long-term storage for your vehicle, please call Parking and Card Services for further instructions.

Services Provided By Other Departments:

Door Access:

The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness oversees all door access on campus. If you are trying to request special access to a building or access during non-business hours please submit a request to If you have any questions about card access or building access in general you can email as well. If you need access to Cardinal Glennon, SLU Hospital or the tunnel, you will need contact Tenet Security (phone 314-577-8078) for more information on obtaining access.

Transportation Services:

For those interested in more information regarding the University's Billiken Shuttle service, SLU Van rental program, and the summer SLU RIDE program refer to the Transportation Services homepage and/or contact a member of the Transportation Services staff.