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Purchasing a Parking Permit


Purchasing a Parking Permit

Permits may be purchased throughout the year at the Parking and Card Services Office in DuBourg Hall, room 33 on the Frost campus. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 


  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • License plate number
  • State


Methods of Payment
The Parking and Card Services office accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, student account billing, or payroll deduction.

** Cancelled or returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee


Parking Rates













 General - COMMUTER

















PREFERRED -  allows access to all Preferred and General parking areas with the exception of EMPLOYEE ONLY lots.

RESIDENT -  allows access to  all Resident and General parking areas on both campuses.

GENERAL Commuter - allows access to all general parking areas and does not include overnight parking/vehicle storage.

PREFERRED/GENERAL EVENING - allows parking after 5:00 p.m. in designated areas









RESERVED - Scott Hall Garage  *



PREMIUM  - Scott Hall Garage     *



PREFERRED - Scott Hall 9th Street



EVENING - Scott Hall



* Includes Summer                                                                                                                       


RESERVED SCOTT HALL - guarantees a specific numbered space in the Scott Hall garage 24 hours every day.

PREMIUM SCOTT HALL - guarantees a specific numbered space in the Scott Hall  garage , M-F 6:00am-5:00pm.

PREFERRED SCOTT HALL - allows access to the 9th Street Garage 24 hours a day.

EVENING SCOTT HALL - allows parking after 5:00 p.m. in available Premium spaces only.


*All Scott Hall permits will have the same clearance on the Frost and Medical campus as a Preferred permit. 24 Hour Reserved, Premium, and Preferred Student permits will have the same access as Preferred Student permits on Frost and Medical campus and Evening Scott Hall will have the same access as Preferred Evening.




Parking  Permit Types

Annual Price

Monthly Price

Bi-Weekly Price

Part Time

General - Frost or HSC





Preferred - Frost or HSC





Preferred -  Scott Hall





Premium -  Scott Hall Garage





24-hour - Reserved Scott Hall






*24 Hour Reserved, Premium and Preferred Scott Hall F/S permits will have the same access on the Frost and Medical campuses at Preferred F/S permits.

Parking Maps:


Click on any map to view a printable version.
Frost Campus Parking Medical Center Campus Parking
Frost Campus Parking Map Medical Center Parking Map


Disabled Parking for Permit Holders

Special Accessibility
The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, located in DuBourg Hall, room 36, will provide authorization for disabled parking on campus. A Disabled Parking Application and supporting documentation must be submitted and reviewed before authorization for disabled parking is approved. You may call 314.977.3838 for complete information or further clarification you may also visit their website (

Due to the volume of persons parking on campus and the location of parking facilities, the University shuttle system will be utilized, whenever possible, to provide transportation from a designated parking area to a point near the individual's destination on campus. For information on the shuttle system, you may refer to the website for Transportation Services (

Violators who park in disabled spaces without a Saint Louis University disabled hangtag or a Saint Louis University temporary disabled hangtag will be issued a $75 fine and subject to immediate tow. Please contact Parking and Card Services for further clarification, if needed.

Temporary Medical Permits
Individuals who experience an injury/illness that temporarily limits his or her mobility may contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity to receive authorization for temporary disabled parking. Arrangements will be authorized only for as long as deemed necessary by the individual's physician and upon verification of payment for parking through the designated dates. Completion of the Disabled Parking Application along with supporting medical documentation is necessary for authorization.


Frost Campus Disabled Map

Medical Campus Disabled Map


Permit Decale stickers:


Must be attached to the front wheel fork. (Individuals must keep their issued hangtag with them at all times.) Motorcycles may park in any valid parking space according the permit's restrictions. 

Convertible & Jeep

Must attach the valid sticker permit on the inside and lower lefthand corner of their windshield. Individuals must keep their issued hangtag with them at all times.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost parking permits can be replaced for a fee at the Parking and Card Services office. All lost permits are also expired within our system. If lost parking permits are used on campus, the vehicle displaying the permit is subject to immediate ticket and boot. 

All stolen permits must be reported to the Department of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness(DPSEP) and Parking and Card Services (PCS). Once you have received a report number from DPSEP, bring it to either PCS office. With the report number, the staff there can issue you a new permit without charge. Without either DPSEP or city police report number, replacement of a permit can be done but for a fee. Any vehicle displaying a stolen permit is subject to ticket and immediate boot.

If a lost/stolen permit or ID is found, please turn it into either PCS office. We can then contact the owner if the ID or permit is still active or properly dispose of it to prevent abuse and the incurring of fines. 



Renewal Stickers

Any student renewing a parking permit within the Academic year (Fall to Spring, Spring to Summer) must bring in his/her previous parking permit to the Parking and Card Services office. Upon receipt of payment for parking, we will update your previous hangtag for continued use. All expired permits are subject to ticket and immediate boot. Please return all expired permits to the PCS office or one of the garage cashiers (Hickory East or Laclede) in order to avoid unnecessary fines.

Student Permit Expiration/Parking Access Removal Dates:

  • Fall Semester: January 15
  • Spring Semester: May 31
  • Summer Session: August 31



Parking Withdrawals

Withdrawals for student parking may be done within the first two weeks of the semester for a full refund.  No refunds will be given after the first two weeks of the semester.


At the time of the withdrawal, faculty/staff must return both the parking card and the hang-tag, and complete a withdrawal form in the Parking and Card Services Office.

Biweekly Faculty/Staff

Withdrawals for parking deductions will be discontinued during the next full pay period following the date of the withdrawal.

Monthly Faculty/Staff

Withdrawals for monthly parking deductions must be processed before the first of the month to discontinue that month's deduction. Withdrawals processed after the first of the month will be charged the full month's deduction. Please note that the fees are not prorated upon withdrawal.



Proper Procedures for Handling Your Parking Permit

At the end of the fall semester

If you transfer or withdraw from the University or the parking program, you must return your parking permit/hang tag to the Parking and Card Services office.

If you purchased a permit valid for the entire year and no longer need parking for the spring semester, you may received a refund for the spring semester as long as you return your permit to the Parking and Card Services office prior to the beginning of the spring semester.   


At the end of the spring semester

You have three options to choose from regarding returning the parking permit/hang tag:

    1. Return it to the Parking and Card Services office, or a garage cashier (Laclede or Hickory East).
    2. Bring in the permit to the Parking and Card Services office for renewal for the summer semester.
    3. Cut up parking permit and dispose of properly.*

    At the end of the summer semester

    If you will be attending the summer session, please retain your hangtag and parking card, and renew your parking with us before May 31. We will apply a renewal sticker to your previous permit which will activate your parking through August 31.

    *Note: If you retain your parking permit after it expires and park on campus with it displayed, the vehicle will be in violation of parking regulations and be subject to ticket and an immediate immobilization of the vehicle via boot. If the permit is used in another vehicle on campus and not reported as lost/stolen, any violations incurred by the vehicle displaying your permit will be tied to you and you will be responsible for paying and/or appealing of said violations. 

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