Saint Louis University

The SLU Card

  • Student Services/Access
  • Personal Identification
  • Check Cashing Privileges
  • Residence Hall Access (Residents only)
  • Meal Plan Access
  • Billiken Bucks/Bonus Flex Account
  • Computer Services
  • Simon Recreation Center Membership
  • Billiken Sports Complex Access
  • Library Access and Services
  • Instructional Media Center Access
  • U.S. Bank ATM Card and Debit Card

To obtain your SLU Card

  • Bring a photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport
  • Stop by Parking and Card Services in DuBourg Hall, room 33 during our office hours.
  • Students: Bring a class schedule.
  • Faculty: Bring your "New Hire Confirmation" sheet
  • Staff: Bring your "New Hire Confirmation" sheet.

Multiple SLU Relationships

Individuals who have multiple relationships with Saint Louis University (e.g., faculty/staff and students) will receive only one SLU ID card that reflects the primary relationship to the university. Full-time faculty and staff who take classes at SLU will not be issued STUDENT ID cards. Full-time students who work part-time at SLU will not be issued Staff cards.


  • No charge for the first SLU Card (not first lost card), replacement of an active card due to natural wear and tear (but must turn in that card to not be charged), and cards that are stolen (but must have a police report number).
  • There is a $25 replacement fee for all lost or damaged/reprinting of (such as punching a hole in the card, breaking the card in half, etc.) ID cards.

If you lose your SLU Card

  • Call Parking and Card Services immediately at (314) 977-3471.
  • We will deactivate your lost SLU Card, which will prevent anyone from using your Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex account or any other services.
  • If your SLU Card is your U.S. Bank ATM card, please call (314) 533-1041 to deactivate the ATM portion of the card.
  • Obtain a new SLU Card at our DuBourg office for a $25.00 replacement fee.

If the SLU Card isn't working in the cafeteria or other locations

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