Saint Louis University


Click here To Add Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex as a "Guest"


Billiken Bucks & Bonus Flex Account Options:

Billiken BuckThe online service provides students, parents, faculty and staff 24-hour access to campus card accounts. This site allows one to:

-Deposit funds to their accounts (credit/debit card only)
-Check account balances (Billiken Bucks, Meal Plan, Bonus Flex, Faculty/Staff Flex)
-View transaction history

SLU students and faculty/staff can log into their mySLU Portal to access SLU Card/eAccounts.

Faculty Staff Plan LogoWhat is the SLU Faculty and Staff Plan:
The SLU Faculty and Staff Plan's Flex is accepted at all University Dining Service locations on campus.  Faculty and Staff can load funds onto their card and receive a 10% bonus. **These funds never expire. You may close your account at any time by submitting your request in writing.​​​​​​​​​​ Faculty and staff members can log into their mySLU Portal to access SLU Card/eAccounts and add Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex.


Refunds: Complete a withdrawal form to close your Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex account. Your refund will be credited to your student account and applied to any outstanding charges first.  Any remaining credit will be sent directly to you. If crediting to student accounts is not possible a check will be issued.
**Note:  Bonus Flex refunds will not include the additional percentage (Bonus) which was added when deposited.
**Note:  Funds that have been added as a gift or incentive from a University department cannot be refunded.  

If you are experiencing any problems with your Online eAccounts, or your SLU Card, please contact us at: 314-977-3471 or