Biomedical Engineering

Established in 1997, Saint Louis University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering combines engineering principles with medical and biological sciences. You’ll leave prepared to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems and software.

The curriculum leading to our Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering degree offers considerable flexibility, allowing time for electives within and outside the department. The curriculum is designed for students whose post-bachelor’s career plans include working in industry or attending graduate school, medical school or law school.

Our undergraduates can participate in a number of academic programs across campus, including the Medical Scholars Program and the University Honors Program. Biomedical engineering majors can also complete certificates, minors or second majors in a variety of disciplines ranging from the liberal arts and science to business and technology. The department also offers a minor for students interested in developing a focused study within the field of biomedical engineering.

The flexibility available within the biomedical engineering major allows students more opportunities to take part in research. More than 25 percent of our undergraduate students take part in an organized research experience within the department.

Our Mission

The mission of Saint Louis University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering is to prepare students for careers in health care delivery, ranging from fundamental research in science and engineering to the direct application of knowledge to problem-solving and improving quality of life for humanity.

In support of the mission, the departmental faculty participates in scholarly activities, including research, teaching and service, while maintaining a collegial and challenging learning environment for all students. Our faculty members mentor students at all levels to help them realize their highest potential in their careers in industry, academia and related professions.


There are several curricular options for biomedical engineering students at Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, including pre-med, pre-graduate studies and industry tracks.

Below is the general track of studies you can take. The exact chronological order of the courses depends on AP credits, summer courses, choice of electives, and number of credits per semester.

Freshman Year

Semester One Credits Semester Two Credits
CHEM 1110/1115: General Chemistry I with lab 4 CHEM 1120/1125: General Chemistry II with lab 4
MATH 1510: Calculus I 4 MATH 1520: Calculus II 4
BIOL 1040: Biology I 4 BIOL 1060: Biology II 4
ENGL 1900: Advanced Rhetoric 3 PHYS 1610/1620: Engineering Physics I with lab 4
BME 1000: Biomedical Engineering Orientation 1 BME 1010: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 1
Total 16 Total 17

Sophomore Year

Semester Three Credits Semester Four  Credits
BIOL 2600: Human Physiology 3 THEO 1000: Theological Foundations 3
MATH 2530: Calculus III 4 MATH 3550: Differential Equation 3
PHYS 1630/1640: Engineering Physics II with lab 4 ECE 2001/2002: Electrical and Computer Engineering 4
BME 3200: Mechanics 3 PHYS 3410: Thermodynamics 3
BME 2000: Biomedical Engineering Computing 3 MENG 2011: Engineering Shop Practicum 1
    BME 3400: Materials Science 3
Total 17 Total 17


Junior Year

Semester Five Credits Semester Six Credits
ECE 3100: Signals and Systems 3 PHIL 2050: Ethics 3
BME 3300: Transport Fundamentals 3 BME 4050: Biomedical Instrumentation 3
MATH 4880: Probabilities and Statistics 3 BME 4200: Biomechanics 3
Humanities elective 3 Advanced BME elective 3
BME 4400: Biomaterials 3 BME 4100: Biosignals 3
    BME 3840: Junior Lab 1
Total 15 Total 16


Senior Year

Semester Seven Credits Semester Eight Credits
BME 4950: Senior Project I 3 BME 4960: Senior Project II 3
BME 4600: Quantitative Physics I 3 BME 4650: Quantitative Physics II 3
BME elective 3 Social and behavioral science elective 3
BME elective 3 Cultural diversity 3
Non-technical elective 3 BME elective 3
Total 15 Total 15