July 08, 2015
Danielle Lacey

Dream Job

Unique programs help students develop their passions into real careers.

At Saint Louis University, it's not hard to turn a passion into a lifelong career. With hard work, the right training and a course of study founded in educating the whole person, SLU students have the tools they need to turn their dreams into their dream jobs.

Here are three programs at SLU that offer anyone — from the foodie to the sports enthusiast — a chance to live their ambitions. 

For the enterprising armchair quarterback: B.S. in Business Administration, Sports Business

Sports Academy Students at Busch Stadium

High school students can get behind-the-scenes access to some of St. Louis' most well-known sports landmarks through the Summer Sports Business Academy. 

It takes more than just athletic talent to develop a successful sports franchise. Behind the players and coaches is a $400 billion industry that include owners, marketers, sponsors and more.

With course offerings in economics, marketing, communications and information technology management, the Sports Business program at SLU helps prepare students for careers as agents, owners, team media experts and community relations specialists.

The program is aided by an active Sports Business Advisory Board, which includes industry professionals from Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Red Wings and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

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For the activist foodie: B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students work alongside professional chefs in the on-campus Fresh Gatherings Cafe
Students work alongside chefs committed to sustainable food systems at Fresh Gatherings Café.

The Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, offered through the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, combines SLU's social justice mission and commitment to sustainability for a truly cutting-edge education.

This new program takes traditional nutrition and dietetics studies and gives students the tools to work in non-clinical environments, such as schools, health-focused catering or even their own businesses in food service, while still providing the option to become a registered dietitian.

Graduates will be prepared to direct a sustainable school-lunch program, run their own gluten-free bakery or help educate students and parents about how to combat obesity. SLU students have the unique opportunity to learn how to use good food to do good works.

As part of a hands-on educational experience, students will have the opportunity to work alongside professionally trained chefs and support local Missouri and Illinois farmers in SLU's own Fresh Gatherings Café. The café receives more than 50 percent of its produce from farms within a 150-mile radius, which includes the University's own teaching gardens.

The University also is home to a food processing center that partners with school districts in sourcing local foods and creating sustainability programs. As part of the innovative Healthy Eating with Local Produce program, SLU invites high schoolers in participating districts to its kitchen to learn how to take local produce, such as apples or tomatoes, and turn them into foods that can be served in their schools.

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For the 21st-century prospector: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Space Systems Research Laboratory

The Close Orbiting Propellant Plume and Elemental Recognition (COPPER) mission
SLU's COPPER, a CubeSat designed to operate in low earth orbit, will be launched by NASA in 2013.

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology at SLU has a long and proud tradition of preparing students to lead and take part in space missions with NASA. At the Space Systems Research Laboratory students perform world-class research in the design, fabrication and operation of space systems.

The SSRL gives students the opportunity to participate in hands-on research of every part of a space launch, from engineering the craft to leading a successful grounds operation, which creates experienced world-class space systems engineers.

Students of all majors and education levels are invited to assist at the SSRL. Get hands-on experience helping with the lab's two current projects, COPPER and Argus, small crafts launched by NASA as part of its Educational Launch of Nanosatellites Program.

Courses taught by Parks faculty help prepare students for space systems careers and give additional preparation for SSRL projects. Courses include Space Mission Integration and Test, Space Missions Failure and Astrodynamics.

Further in their SLU careers, students can develop senior design projects that may lay the groundwork for future SSRL missions.

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