Scanning samples with 10-color flow cytometer.SLUCare Physician Group's Hematopathology/Flow Cytometry Laboratory recently introduced the region's first 10-flow cytometry process. What does that mean to the average person? Initially, not a lot, but to cancer doctors and leukemia and lymphoma patients, it means faster and more precise diagnosis and monitoring of disease.

Multicolor cytometry capitalizes on the latest laser, filter and detector technologies to enable pathologists to simultaneously detect up to 10 fluorescent signals, or abnormalities. Previously, labs were limited to scanning four fluorescent signals at a time.

Ten-flow cytometry paints a highly accurate diagnostic picture that can detect abnormal cell presence at very low levels. It can produce same-day results, lessening a patient's anxiety while waiting for results.

Studies must be performed on live cells of blood, bone marrow, body fluids, fine needle aspirates or fresh tissue. Specimen requirements can be found here

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory maintains an extensive panel of monoclonal antibodies.

The service uses state-of-the-art Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC 500 and Gallios flow cytometers. Studies can be performed on peripheral blood, bone marrow, body fluids, fine needle aspirates or fresh tissue. A smear, cytospin or touch preparation is made of each specimen to confirm a suitable specimen and to tailor a specific antibody panel. A preliminary clinical diagnosis is required on the requisition.