The Cytology Laboratory offers testing of gynecological, non-gynecological and fine needle aspiration specimens in determining normal and disease-altered cells from the various body sites.

Cytodiagnostic methods provide a rapid, inexpensive, simple means of diagnosis that can supplement or replace a frozen section or a biopsy. No tissue injury is produced, allowing frequent repetitive cellular sampling, which is important in the evaluation of the progression or post-treatment regression of a lesion.

The Cytology Laboratory accepts the following specimens for diagnosis:  

Natural Spontaneous Exfoliation
The samples of cells to be studied are usually suspended in fluid and removed by bulb or syringe aspiration. Good examples are the accumulation of exfoliated vaginal cells in secretions of the posterior vaginal fornix (vaginal pool) and of mesothelial cells in the effusions of the pleural and abdominal cavities. Other examples include CSF, BAL, etc.  

Artificial Exfoliation (Surface Scrape)
Artificial exfoliation occurs when any surface is scraped and viable cells are traumatically exfoliated before their natural time of shedding. Depending on the type of information desired, the scraping may be energetic, as in the case of cervical carcinoma, where the deep basal cells are needed for examination; or very gentle, as in the case of hormonal studies where the desired cells must come from the surface layer of the vaginal mucosa. Examples of these modalities include pap smears, brushings, etc.  

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsy
FNA cytology is the collection of a cytology specimen by aspirating a sample from a tumor or lesion through a narrow gauge needle. The method is cost-effective due to increased availability and major advances in imaging. Aspiration may be performed on any visible or palpable tumor mass and encompasses practically all tumor types, benign and malignant.

Hours of Operation
The Cytology Laboratory is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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