• Minimum specimen size is a block of tissue approximately 2 mm square. Larger pieces of tissue should be cut into 2-3 mm-sized pieces to facilitate rapid fixation.
  • Tissue may be held for a short time (minutes to an hour) on ice in a physiological buffer or on saline soaked gauze but should be placed in a glutaraldehyde fixative as soon as possible after excision. Rapid fixation is critical for preservation of ultrastructure. A suitable 2 percent glutaraldehyde fixative is available from the Electron Microscopy Laboratory and can be shipped by overnight express on request. For specimens that have been previously fixed in formaldehyde or other fixative, make inquiries about suitability to Dr. Brown at (314) 977-7851 or (314) 977-7854.
  • The specimen in glutaraldehyde solution should be shipped on ice (do not freeze) or at ambient temperature to the Electron Microscopy Laboratory by courier or overnight express.
  • For specimens requiring special handling, such as fresh blood for buffy coat preparation or specimens for scanning electron microscopy, please contact Dr. Brown for specific instruction.

Address questions to Dr. Brown at (314) 977-7851 or (314) 977-7854 or by e-mail at mbrown65@slu.edu.

Specimens should be shipped to:

Michael E. Brown, PhD
Director, Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Saint Louis University School of Medicine Department of Pathology
1402 South Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63104