Saint Louis University

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SLUCare pathologists offer consultant opinions on submitted pathology specimens. Submitted specimen should be well-preserved and accompanied by good clinical information so that the histologic changes can be interpreted within the clinical context. (See more specimen requirements.)

SLUCare Histology Laboratory Requisitions

Verbal/phone requests for testing WILL NOT be accepted. On each form, please specify:

  • Patient's name, date of birth, age and sex
  • Patient's hospital identification number
  • Submitting, attending and/or consulting physician's first and last name
  • Test(s) required
  • Date specimen was collected
  • Source and method of collection

Requisition must be completed. No substitutions will be accepted. The information provided should be legible. Please give a relevant medical history and clinically suspected (differential) diagnosis. This should include all previous malignancies, whether in the same or any other organ system.

Please also give the precise anatomical site of the specimen. If there are multiple specimens, there should be a one-to-one relationship between the specimens listed on the requisition and the labeled containers. Describe any markers, such as sutures, and their significance. You may also state any special requests.