August 21, 2014

University to Hold Second Prayer Vigil for Ferguson

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

As we focus our energies on welcoming our students to campus and the start of the fall semester, we also have the people of Ferguson in our hearts and on our minds.

    Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.

I am writing to invite the SLU community to come together again in prayer to support our neighbors in Ferguson. A prayer vigil will be held this Sunday from 8:15-8:45 p.m. in the plaza/fountain area across the street from St. Francis Xavier College Church at Grand and Lindell boulevards. The vigil will be followed by the first 9 p.m. student Mass of the academic year in College Church.

If you are interested in providing service to the Ferguson community, please contact SLU's Center for Service and Community Engagement, which is in communication with a number of outreach organizations, at 314-977-4105 or

Today, our new freshmen began arriving on campus, and I know they will have many questions about what is taking place in Ferguson. It is important that we as a University support them — and everyone in our SLU community — as we all reflect on the events taking place 12 miles away from our campus that now reverberate around the world.

As we recommit ourselves to be the diverse, just and inclusive University that our Jesuit mission calls us to be, it is more important than ever that we take the time to care for each other as we come together to realize the promise of a new academic year at Saint Louis University.

In peace,

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Fred Pestello, Ph.D.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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