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Athletic Training Program

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Table of Contents

Saint Louis University Mission Statement (2)
Five Dimensions of the Saint Louis University Experience (3)
University Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement (3)
Doisy College of Health Sciences Mission Statement (4)
Program Vision Statement (5)
Program Mission Statement (5)
Program Philosophy Statement (6)
Program Goals (7)
Athletic Training Foundational Behaviors (8)
Curricular Goals (10)
Program Accreditation (11)
Program Organizational Chart (12)

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Table of Contents

Program Curriculum and Course Descriptions (2)
Curriculum Outlines:
Primary Track (7)
BA/BS Transfer Track (8)
Pre-med MAT Track (9)
Pre-PA MAT Track (10)
BSES-AT Pre-med Track (11)
BSES-AT Pre-PA Track (12)
Curriculum Policies and Procedures (13)
MAT Pre-Professional Core Curriculum (17)
Guidelines for Choosing Humanities, Math, and Sciences Courses (18)
Procedure for Waiving a Course in the Professional Phase of the Program (19)
Athletic Training Education Program Grading Scale (19)
Student Advising and Registration Procedures (20)
Policy and Procedures Concerning Academic Eligibility (21)
Doisy College of Health Sciences Academic Grievance Policy (26)
Doisy College of Health Sciences Academic and Professional Integrity Policy (27)

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Table of Contents

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities (2)
Administrative Staff (2)
Office Hours (2)
Receipt of Policies and Procedures (2)
Packet/Supplies Fees (3)
Class Cancellation (3)
Transportation (3)
Address & Phone Updates (3)
Student Activity Record (4)
Confidentiality of Records (4)
Dropping/Adding Courses in the Professional Phase of the Program (4)
Leave of Absence Policy (4)
Course and Instructor Evaluation (5)
Program Statistical Data (6)
Program Costs (6)
Safety (6)
Emergency Procedures (7)
Communicable Disease Policy (8)
Class Attendance and Class Work (8)
Smoking and Eating (9)
Employment (9)
Classroom Civility (9)
Professional Behavior (10)
Program Complaint Policy (14)

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Table of Contents

Glossary of CAATE Terminology (2)
CAATE Standards (5)
Clinical Education Evaluation (12)
Clinical Education Requirements (14)
Clinical Education Dress Regulations (15)
Emergency Cardiac Care and Blood Borne Pathogens Certification (16)
Physical Exam (16)
Medical Health Insurance (17)
Liability Insurance (17)
Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening (17)
Transportation for Clinical Education (18)
Extra Benefits at Clinical Site (18)
School Cancellations at Clinical Site (18)
Contacting the Athletic Training Program (19)


I. Saint Louis University Information Guide
II. Athletic Training Program Forms

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