Saint Louis University

Program in Physical Therapy

Program History

The Physical Therapy Program at Saint Louis University has over a 70 year tradition of excellent physical therapy education. Established in 1933, the program was among the first 13 physical therapy programs to be accredited in 1936. Since its inception the program has been unique in offering freshman direct-entry to the physical therapy program. This means that as long as you meet the academic and professional behavior eligibility requirements for the program, you continue to completion of the physical therapy degree offered. Through the guidance and work of the faculty and staff, the program has transitioned from a baccalaureate degree (1933-1996), to a master's degree (1996-2009), and now to the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (2010 to present). The program is proud of the graduates of the program - over 3000 in number - who provide person-centered physical therapy care, advance knowledge and practice through scholarship, advocate for those in need, and serve the community.

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