Saint Louis University


The physical therapy faculty is committed to the achievement of excellence in education, scholarly activity, service and clinical practice. Most importantly the faculty is committed to providing you an educational experience that provides the foundation for practice and promotes the desire to continue to seek new knowledge and skills as you grow in your career. Students are encouraged to join with faculty in research activities and to share in the dissemination of knowledge.

The faculty shares the Jesuit commitment to apply knowledge to the service of humanity and fosters an environment that develops an attitude for service to others, effective interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, and insight into societal and individual health care needs. Clinically active faculty serve as role models as they interact with the developing new professionals of the future.

Current Faculty:

  • Tricia Austin, Interim Chairperson, Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
  • Carol Beckel, Director of Clinical Education
  • Jason Bennett
  • Mary Jo Davenport
  • Jill FitzGerald
  • Alicia Flach
  • Ethel Frese
  • David Gutekunst
  • Kelly Hawthorne
  • Ann Hayes
  • Ginge Kettenbach
  • Kim Levenhagen
  • Randy Richter, Interim Program Director, Program in Physical Therapy
  • Gretchen Salsich
  • Sara Scholtes
  • Chris Sebelski, Interim Assistant Program Director, Program in Physical Therapy
  • Barb Yemm

Current Staff:

  • Holly Archambault
  • Sherry Ashford
  • Jennifer Bouchard
  • Alyssa Stukenbroeker
  • Rachel Young