Saint Louis University

SLU-SSM Residency Curriculum

Direct 1:1 clinical mentoring

190 hours

Non-mentored hours of patient care (paid)

1200 hours

Clinical observation (Physician shadowing, surgery observation)

75 hours

Lab instructor/teaching responsibilities in the entry level SLU DPT Program

180-200 hours

Participation in didactic, small group, and manual skills instruction

166 hours

Independent mentorship in specialty topics*

40 hours

Provision of pro bono services to the St. Louis community

30 hours


Discussion Topics

  • Visual Analysis of Human Movement
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Patient Centered Interviewing
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Evidence Based Practice

Physical Examination and Manual Treatment Procedures**

  • Foot/Ankle regions
  • Knee and lower leg regions
  • Hip and Thigh regions
  • Lumbo-pelvic regions
  • Thoracic Spine/Ribs/Chest regions
  • Cervical Spine/TMJ regions
  • Shoulder/Scapulothoracic regions
  • Elbow/wrist/Hand regions

*Possibilities include: research, acute orthopedics, fracture care, amputee care, manual lymphatic drainage, industrial injuries

**Coursework is regionally based and will be taught through small group facilitation style & journal club early in the week with psychomotor skills, and lecture. All courses include mobilization/manipulation where appropriate

Sample Weekly Schedule








Entry Level Teaching

Clinical practice

Residency Instruction

Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice with Mentor

Residency Instruction
(select weekends)


Clinical practice with Mentor

Physician shadowing

Clinical practice (non-mentored)

Residency Instruction

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