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Program in Physical Therapy

Faculty Research

The Program in Physical Therapy has a motion analysis laboratory for both research and educational activities. The lab includes the latest motion analysis equipment, including: electromyography (EMG), force platforms, high-speed digital cameras, equipment to measure oxygen consumption and lung volume, electrocardiography (ECG), treadmills, ergonomic bicycles, and isokinetic exercise devices. Students have the opportunity to learn about the research of the faculty and are encouraged to join with faculty by assisting in these endeavors so that they may become more familiar with the ways the profession increases its body of knowledge.

Among the on-going research activities in the department are:

  • Studies that concern analysis of painful and abnormal movements of the lower extremity in various populations; for example, pain in cross country runners, patello-femoral pain in adolescents, and gait patterns of persons with hemiplegia after a stroke.
  • Testing of various interventions to determine their effectiveness for relieving the pain and/or diminishing the abnormal movement pattern.
  • Studies about the physical activity of older adults, addressing aspects that may contribute to the development of physical frailty and lead to diminished independence.
  • Studies about clinical training of health professions students with respect the factors that affect a clinical site's ability to provide clinical training and to the characteristics which are most conducive to student learning.
  • Studies concerning the use of best practice procedures and interventions to promote using best practice procedures.
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