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Academic Professional Performance Standards

During the entirety of the PA Program, students are expected to adhere to specific academic and professional standards which are outlined in the Student Handbook and Policy Manual.

The complex nature of medicine and the condensed educational time frame of the PA Program combine to create a curriculum that is very rigorous, time-consuming and intense. Whether engaged in classroom and lab activity, reading and studying, or clinical rotation obligations, students should assume they will be involved in program requirements all day, every day for the duration of the program. It is recommended that students do not work during the 27 months they are enrolled in the program. Additionally, students may not work for the PA program nor serve as instructional faculty or clinical/ administrative staff.

As healthcare professionals PAs must be sensitive to the value of human dignity. This value is manifested in behaviors and attitudes demonstrating inclusion, sensitivity to the well-being of others and honesty in all endeavors. PA students, therefore, are held to standards of professional behavior in areas including conduct, academics, health information, daily interactions with others, patient encounters, title identification, attire and attendance.

In addition to expectations for professional behavior, PA students must also meet academic standards. The academic expectation is that all PA students maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and perform at or above 70 percent on exams and other graded components.

As outlined in the Student Handbook and Policy Manual, withdrawal from any course or modification of the curricular sequence of the PA Program is not permitted, except as part of an approved leave of absence. If for any reason a student needs to request a leave of absence, the student should schedule a meeting with the PA Program Director or another principal faculty member. The student will be guided through the University process for LOA and course withdrawal with help from program faculty and staff. Despite potential reasons for leaving the program, most fees are non-refundable and tuition refunds often cannot be granted due to the timing and sequencing of our curriculum. If, however, a tuition refund is applicable, the student will be guided through this process as well. Information on withdrawal, tuition and fee refunds may be found on SLU's Student Financial Aid Services website.

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