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Pre-PA Scholars PAthway Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant's cumulative GPA must be 3.30 or better and the applicant's science GPA must be 3.30 or better.
  2. By the end of second semester of sophomore year applicants must meet the following minimum requirements.
    • Satisfactory completion of at least 60 college semester hours (two academic years), with at least 30 semester hours (one academic year) completed at Saint Louis University.
    • Satisfactory completion of eight college science courses, including at least four of the core course requirements.
  3. Prior to applying after sophomore year, applicants will have acquired a minimum of 100 hours of health care experience. Competitive applicants will have paid work experience (e.g., CNA, EMT, Patient Care Technician, Medical Scribe, etc.) providing direct patient care. They must be on track to earn a minimum of 500 hours of health care experience by the end of senior year.
  4. Only grades of B (3.0) or better in Pre-PA Scholar core courses are acceptable. This does not include grades of B- or below. However, students meeting all other requirements who have earned one course grade of B- or below may still apply.
  5. The Pre-PA Scholars PAthway is designed to accept applications from SLU students who have completed their second semester of sophomore year. Applicants should have earned no more than 60-65 semester hours not including SLU 1818, AP or similar pre-collegiate hours. Applicants should have no more than 60-65 semester hours remaining until conferral of their SLU baccalaureate degree.
  6. Once accepted into the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway, students must meet additional requirements to remain in good standing.
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