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PPSP Requirements

Pre-PA Scholars must remain in good academic and professional standing in their degree program in addition to successfully completing the requirements of the PPSP listed below. This acceptance is provisional, based upon successful completion of coursework, conferral of the baccalaureate degree and documentation of required patient contact hours and other requirements listed here.

  1. Accepted Pre-PA Scholars PAthway students must follow the prescribed curriculum provided by the degree-sponsoring department. Regardless of the degree selected, each Pre-PA Scholar must also complete the following core course requirements (pre-requisite coursework):
    • Principles of Biology (BIOL 104/106) 8 hrs
    • College Chemistry (CHEM 163/165 and 164/166) 8 hrs
    • Organic Chemistry (CHEM 342/344 and 343/345) 8 hrs
    • Human Anatomy (ANAT 100 or 300) 3-6 hrs*
    • Human Physiology (PPY 254, BIOL 346 or BIOL 454) 4 hrs*
    • Microbiology (CLS 352, BIOL 464 or MB 158) 3-4 hrs
    • Cellular Biochemistry (BIOL 302) or Genetics (BIOL 303) or Biochemistry (CHEM 360) 3hrs
    • Statistics (STAT 110, MATH 130, MATH 402, BIOL 479) 3 hrs
    • Medical Terminology (HIM 270 or BSHS 301) 3 hrs
    • Anatomy & Physiology I and II (BSHS 330 and BSHS 340) may be substituted for the Human Anatomy class and the Human Physiology Class
  2. All core courses should be taken at SLU. Substitutions are rarely approved for the core science courses and must be approved by the department advisor and by the PA Program. 
  3. Pre-PA Scholars must achieve a grade of B or better in each of the core courses. In addition, they must maintain a Cumulative Total GPA and Science GPA of 3.3 for their junior and senior years.
  4. Pre-PA Scholars are required to accumulate a minimum of 500 hours of patient care experience by June 15, prior to matriculation into the post-baccalaureate PA Program. The following yearly minimum increments of patient care experience are recommended:
    • End of Sophomore year - 100 hours
    • End of Junior year - 250 hours
    • June 15th after graduation - 500 hours
  5. Scholars must attend a PA Program Information Session before the end of their junior year.
  6. Scholars are required to spend at least 8 hours shadowing a PA prior to submitting their CASPA application referenced in #7.
  7. Scholars are required to submit an online CASPA application and SLU supplemental application by Aug. 1 prior to their senior year. This includes three letters of reference and two essays. The online CASPA application is available The SLU supplemental application is available at Both applications include fee and will cost approximately $200.
  8. Scholars are required to attend a SLU PA Program Interview Session during their senior year. An actual interview is not conducted but scholars will meet current students and graduates as well as applicants who are interviewing.
  9. Students should be on track to satisfactorily complete the core course requirements by the end of first semester senior year.
  10. Scholars are encouraged to visit the websites of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the Missouri Academy of Physician Assistants and consider membership in both.
  11. Health immunization requirements, basic life support for health care providers certification, criminal background check registration and other requirements pertaining to all post-baccalaureate PA Program matriculates must be met by Aug. 1 prior to matriculation. Click here for a PDF of all health requirements.
  12. During senior year, a tuition deposit and program fees of $850 - $1250 are required to reserve a seat in the class. You will receive a letter in early spring semester of your senior year which will explain what is due and when. All GPA, healthcare experience and other requirement must still be met, in addition to paying deposits.

Scholars who fail to meet the above requirements will not be able to continue in the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway. In this case, they will be eligible to apply to the post-baccalaureate PA Program through the traditional application method once they meet the PA Program's general admission requirements.

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