Pre-PA Scholars PAthway


The Pre-PA Scholars PAthway is an opportunity for a select number of highly qualified Saint Louis University undergraduate students to be guaranteed a position in the graduate-level Physician Assistant Program. After acceptance into the PPSP, students fulfill the Pre-PA Scholars requirements while completing a baccalaureate degree from SLU.

SLU students apply for admission to the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway at the end of spring semester of sophomore year. The application deadline is Aug. 1. Qualified applicants will be asked to interview in early fall. All applicants will be notified of their Pre-PA status in October. Upperclassman are not eligible for the PPSP. Depending on the chosen undergraduate degree program, the PPSP allows the student seeking a career as a physician assistant to gain valuable healthcare credentials, competence and expertise prior to entrance into the Physician Assistant Program.

Note: several programs within the Doisy College of Health Sciences offer Pre-PA curriculum tracks which allow completion of degree requirements as well as completion of the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway core course requirements.

PPSP Admission

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